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  1. tpuppo3

    how do I attach my snow thrower?

    Thanks for the tip on the adjustment knob. I actually was wondering what the hell it was for, but always tinkered with it when the plow was lowered. The blower now sits with both wheels on the floor. I'm lovin' it.
  2. tpuppo3

    how do I attach my snow thrower?

    GOT IT! I had slid some wood blocks under the thrower to align everything a little easier...forgot to pull em out. Total dumbass. Gonna put on the flood lights and blow some snow. Thanks for the help fellas!
  3. tpuppo3

    how do I attach my snow thrower?

    That was helpful. I had a feeling it linked together in that fashion, but it's still not right. When I lowered the thrower unit, it wasn't sitting on the ground 100%. I lifted it up just fine, when it did, I just assumed it was uneven basement floor. However I couldn't for the life of me lower it back down. Is this the result of not having the lift assist spring? Or am I missing something still? Thanks for the help. And if that's the case with the spring, what kind of tension are we requiring? Can i ghetto-rig it with home cheapo springs and an eye-bolt with washers & nuts?
  4. I have a C-161 8 speed manual. We recently got some snow here in CT (about 8-9" for me) and because of the 2 inches of existing snow on my driveway from Christmas, I had almost zero traction. (For what it's worth, went out about half way through the storm, when the wheels did hook up to the ground she plowed like an animal.) A friend of mine gave me a snow thrower a few months back. To my recollection, he said it worked on his C-161 hydro. I mention this because I don't know if there's a difference in attachment sizes. Just looking at it, it seems as though the "arm" portion of the snow thrower is too long. Even so, how the hell do I hook this up? I'm usually decent figuring crap like this out, but this one has me stumped. Thanks for the help. All the manuals I downloaded were vague and only listed parts and part numbers. No "install" instructions, best I can find.
  5. Never removed snow while catching a buzz until yesterday, this tractor was worth every penny. We didn't get a lot, maybe 4 or 5 inches tops, but I ran it through two passes-once during the storm and again the next day. I'm impressed how much this tractor can push-even plowing up hill. I wasn't sure how she'd handle it, I was expecting to have to push to the side, back up, repeat. Not the case, wheels didn't even slip. The only problem I experienced was my retaining pin connecting the lever to the plow height adjuster came out, I noticed it as I was backing out I couldn't lift the plow. One 1.5" carriage bolt + nut & Loctite later, problem solved. I absolutely love this tractor. I had to shovel this driveway by hand a number of times, all the while my back telling me to go <censored> myself. Not no more!
  6. tpuppo3

    C161 plowing, first timer

    My next quest will involve steering linkage. I get that you can't turn the wheel while the tractor is stationary, but even moving, the steering gears will skip teeth occasionally. The more this happens the more they'll round out and I don't want to be replacing parts so soon. The tires are fully inflated (initially they were low when I bought the tractor, inflating them to the correct pressure helped a lot). Has anyone modified their tractor with a more modern (seems like a blasphemy word around here) steering system? Or can you tighten the linkage? There are some mildly-related videos online, but all involve larger models with different steering systems than mine. No issues on my phone either, but I have to run it through the web browser. No biggie.
  7. tpuppo3

    C161 plowing, first timer

    I totally forgot I posted this. We're supposed to get some snow this weekend. It sucks because I have a roof to do, it would've been nice had it held off another 2 days. I'll make the best of a bad situation tough. Stock up on beer and top of the red rocket, let's plow some snow. I park my wheel horse in the garage under my house, It's quickly becoming my new favorite place to drink beer. While I'm thinking of it, is there an app for this website?
  8. I recently bought a c161 8 speed manual, came with plow, mower deck weights and chains. I've been itching to use it and because our weather is in purgatory-no grass to cut, no snow to blow- I said eff it and plowed some leaves. After raking them into large piles I plowed them ******* right into the woods. It rated as one of the ten moments of my life. I love this tractor.
  9. tpuppo3

    Briggs & Stratton high idle on a C161

    Man it's badass. I'm pretty pumped for some snow, I have a plow and slow blower attachment. My driveway is at a slight grade, I'm hoping the wheel weights and tire chains +200lb of me compensate for it.
  10. tpuppo3

    Briggs & Stratton high idle on a C161

    Ok that makes sense. I'm pretty new to the tractor scene but am quickly becoming obsessed. I printed out the parts manual and operators manual, I'll read through and see what they specify for oil lubrication. I definitely don't want oil starvation or overheating, as I stated earlier, I'm not smarter than the engineers who built this. Thanks for the input.
  11. Hello all. I spent about 30 minutes sorting through thousands of topics related to "high idle" but none of which answered my question, so apologies to all if this is a repeat. I recently bought a C161 (8 speed manual) with a Briggs & Stratton 18hp twin. According to Briggs' manual they recommend idle to be set at 1400rpm. I'm not claiming to be smarter than the engineers who designed it, but this seems incredibly high and wasteful on gas. Realistically, a tractor engine isn't spending a lot of time idling (not like a car stuck in traffic or at a light) but it's more of an annoyance than anything. My question is, does anyone know 1.) why it's idle is so high, and 2.) has anyone tinkered with it to get it lower-without compromising other performance aspects of the engine? All my personal preferences in relation to idle speed aside, the engine runs like a top (knock on wood). Thanks to all for your help.