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  1. Brian Lynch

    8hp Kohler off a 866

    Changed Price to 150.00
  2. Brian Lynch

    8hp Kohler off a 866

    50+ years old. 1966 K181S spec 30108D. Came off a 866 Wheel Horse. It starts and runs ok. Light smoke on hard acceleration from idle after warm up. No starter generator on it. I start it with a rope. There are some rust holes in the bottom of the flywheel cover. Will ship if you make arrangements for packaging and pickup. Otherwise it will be local pickup.
  3. Brian Lynch

    Good Day From Wellsville, NY

    New to this forum but old hand at WH tractors. I own a 520H and a C160 Automatic. Both get used frequently. The 520 is my primary snow remover. It is equipped with a 2 stage front mount snow blower. The C160 Auto is the garden machine with a rear mounted tiller on that one. I worked for an old established Wheel Horse dealer 30+ years ago. Spent a couple years there and became well versed in everything WH built from 1950s to current tractors of 1987. The biggest seller then was the 312-8 speed with a 42" side discharge deck. Those folks usually came back and bought a front plow, chains and wheel weights.