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  1. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Well. . . . Yea Kinda While my intention is to make the old Case look new again The new name is not as near as creative as I am going to get with her The Name "The Old Case" while obviously simple = seems to be fitting, as that's what I always seem to call her when talking about her, and considering my namesake makes me "The Old Case" as well only seems fitting to have the old case riding the old case plans are to put a hydraulic pump on the old girl and Valve / rig her for a variety of handy functions, so that being said = the name may change before she is done
  2. Yea they are a tuff find out here in the wild west, but that just adds to the challenge, and I love a challenge. My next victim will be the 1966 case 120 I am doing for me (name sake), and I will be rigging it up with hydraulics to control and drive blower / blade / rear attachments Unfortunately I am in the process of moving unexpectedly into my mother in laws house we inherited, and renting our old place out. The new place lacks in garage space so I am going to throw up a 14x24 man cave to get me through a couple years till we move again more out on the edge of town where I have room and big shop to further increase the heard
  3. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Yea . . . was funny the old couple who bought it told me I could come out and visit / drive it anytime I want, and honestly they would have probably paid the 3000 I was asking originally No one said I was leaving . . . . Great site with GREAT PEOPLE !!! However it is real difficult to find the old wheel Horses out here in the wild west My next project after we get all moved into the new house is going to be my 1966 Case 120
  4. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Well it is with great regret and happiness I must inform you all that "PURDY" The Wheel Horse went to her new home owners today who very happily handed me 25 crisp hundred dollar bills for her. A very Nice retired couple in their 70's who have a little sheep farm in the country, and she is going to use it to push bedding out of the big berthing stalls with it. SHe was like a little kid - so excited to get it, and told me i was welcome to come out and visit it anytime I wanted = GREAT PEOPLE !!!
  5. Well I thought I would let you all know "purdy" the old wheel Horse went to her new owners today who anxiously and happily handed me 25 Crisp 100 dollar bills for her. Now I am on the hunt for my next victim
  6. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE HOPE YOU HAD A SAFE & HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON Now let's get back to it with more great pictures and names ....
  7. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    That might be a dangerous strategy for some , but I love the dynamics of it You have a way with words my friend
  8. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone Cherish your time with your loved ones !!! Great Names, and GREAT pictures Not sure about the rest of you . . . . But Starting this thread has caused me to suffer from Some SERIOUS . . . . TRACTOR ~ ENVY
  9. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Someone likes Purple
  10. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    That was brought to my attention over in the restoration thread Looks like this thread was a good idea Some great names, and great pictures Keep them coming
  11. Spokane Dave

    What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Well I see the thread is off to a roaring start already Great pic's - Great Names = Keep them coming All my boats have shared the same name thru the years " Hole in the water to pour money into"
  12. Thanks . . . . .There was a bit of a snaffu in supply when I went to get the front tires, so I settled with the WB fronts - I to was thinking they may slide steer, so was thinking of whipping out some mini chains for the front. As for the rears . . . just a 50% chance of mistake (it was Eye crossing late when they installed) and had not noticed . . . is there really any difference / benefit to turning them backwards ??
  13. Hello. . . All Did not see a similar thread, so I thought this might be a fun / Humorous thread for some creative input While completing a recent restoration on a 1961 Suburban ( my first wheel Horse) I got to thinking . . . . I do that occasionally People Name their Horses - Do you guys name your Wheel Horse's While admiring my restoration this evening . . . . . I decided she needed a name, and "PURDY" The Wheel Horse called to me / came to mind. I included the fished pics and a couple before pictures . . . . Sort of a Cinderella story for Old "Purdy" SOOOOOOO . . . . Lets hear what you named YOUR Wheel Horse and Lets see some pictures If you haven't named your HORSE Maybe it is about dam time ya do, OR if your struggling with a name post up a few pictures and let the users help ya Name it I would Like to now introduce you to "PURDY" my Wheel Horse . . . . . . . . Let the fun begun . . . .
  14. I found some midnight oil time so I stoked up the fire in the garage the other night, and the old girl is purt-neer completed - Still need a couple hole plugs for the dash, and still need to get a safer pulley for the motor output. Proudly displayed the high quality decals from Vinylguy (Thanks Terry) where they belonged, and I decided to Use the cheap Fleabay decals for the plow face and cut the other up for the back. The crappy old little plow came out better then I expected after putting a wear bar on it (never had one before) - I threw in a pic of the lift linkage/ mechanism I made and forgot before. I decided to paint the wear bar on the plow white to accent the wheels - Waddayathink ? So I have a question for all of you . . . . . . . I know people name there horse's - Do you guy's name your wheel horse's? While admiring / marveling in my restoration results this evening. . . . . . I was thinking this old Girls name should be "PURDY" The Wheel Horse Well enough yammering . . . . Here are some more pic's for your viewing enjoyment