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  1. MadScientist

    Need some help

    Would you be willing to part with it?
  2. MadScientist

    Need some help

    I however did realize that keeping an antique tractor up to par is NEVER cheap as per the one I have parked right along side of the Horse. If someone would be willing to part with one, I do understand it will carry a nice tag....And my inquiry is serious! Again, I thank all of you that are helping me with this, It is very much appreciated
  3. MadScientist

    Need some help

    From what you all are telling me and from what I am reading, I tend to agree that the K series would be the better bet over the long haul. However as I had mentioned I am stretched for time and would like to find one complete preferably in a rebuilt or like new condition, Then at a later time, when I have more time I can start accumulating the parts I need to re build the one I have in it now.
  4. MadScientist

    need some help

    Done. Thank You
  5. MadScientist

    Engine needed for 1 0375 WH

    Hi all, I am in DIRE need for a quality engine for an old 1 0375 WH. looking for a k341 16 Hp But I would prefer a "M" series 16 Hp Kohler. They don't have to look pretty just run strong. I would also be interested in a like new condition or "rebuilt" as well. Trying to get much needed work done on my property and I lost a lot of help and the machine is all I have to rely on before the nasty winter weather sets in. I appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks for reading Eric
  6. MadScientist

    need some help

    Hi there, I am new here and someone from the forum referred you to me. I am looking for a k341 16Hp Tecumseh and or an 16Hp "M" series Kohler ( i would perfer the Kohler) quality replacement engine. it doesn't have to look pretty , just strong enough to get the job done. I am looking to put this on a 1 0375 Horse I thank you for any help that you could offer, Eric
  7. MadScientist

    Need some help

    I hope that I will be able to find one to get this machine up and working. Due to my other machines needing various maintnance would help me loads before the serious weather sets in
  8. MadScientist

    Need some help

    Thank you, I will try that and see what happens. I am more leaning toward a decent functioning engine as I really don't have the time to do the rebuild ATM Perhaps a late winter project I would like it to be build correct, But for now i wouldn't mind using an M Kohler.
  9. MadScientist

    Need some help

    Thank you for the suggestions. Would you be able to point me in the right direction where I may find one of those "K" series Kohlers? Wondering what the differences are between the M16 and the K series?
  10. MadScientist

    Need some help

    Thank you for all of your replies gwest_ca-(File Mod) You are correct, I had missed the second set of numbers when I had wrote the information down. So this machine seems to be from 75' with a 16 horse OHV Tecumseh. Thanks so much for your help. I did manage to get it running, however it is surging bad with fuel blowing out of the carb, could be loading up the engine (dumping)? Also the breather is dumping large amounts of oil onto the motor from the vent pipe, It does appear that someone has had this apart as can be seen from the pic trace amounts of high temp RTV on top. I would love to rebuild the carb as I have found a rebuild kit at my local ACE hardware store, However from reading another post here I had read that if those breathers are not reassembled properly they will blow out large amounts of oil making it appear to be gross blow by. I read the information that gwest_ca-(File Mod) Had provided and it would seem that the original motor was a 12 Hp? I am not sure if another branded 16 Hp engine will work with this chassis? Being that I really need this machine to get some work done on the property I am wondering if there is another motor that will work on this chassis with relatively low modification to the chassis? If there is, I can take my time with the minor overhaul of the original engine when I have more time. I have attached some pics, Again thanks to all for your assistance, And the warm welcome Eric
  11. MadScientist

    Need some help

    Thank you for the reply. Sounds like someone had re powered at some point in the past. The model number I took right from the manufacturer plate on the center frame of the machine, Not sure at this point if there other numbers present. I can post some pics of the machine tomorrow afternoon. I would guess it would be a good starting point aside from finding other numbers is to mic out the output shaft and see what I have?
  12. MadScientist

    Need some help

    Hi all, I am new here and I am wondering if anyone could help me out. I have an old Horse CA-120 special model # 133619 in excellent physical shape with a dead engine. Is there a modern engine that I could use as a replacement for this model? I would love to get this old girl running again before the nasty winter weather sets in. Tecumseh engine #'s commercial duty 12Hp OH160/ model 170182G/ spec Thanks in advance for any help you could offer.