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  1. Hodge12306

    Snow Blower attachment

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Hodge12306

    Snow Blower attachment

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. Hodge12306

    Snow Blower attachment

    Wheel Horse Snowblower Model 06-42ST05 51424. Some rust but everything works. The shoot rotation needs to be fixed (the wire is broken). I have a new flag (pictured) and the belt (I may even have a new one). It has been stored indoors for the past 10+ years I have had it. Sold the WH it was attached to so just looking to get it out of my garage. Thanks for looking Chris
  4. Hodge12306

    1979 C-161

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Hodge12306

    1979 C-161

    It was running and I was using it regularly. Around two years ago I parked it in the fall and replaced it with a new ZT in the spring. At that point everything was running perfectly. I had planned on taking it to our camp but went with another tractor. . It was a great tractor and always ran without issue. If if you’d like I can put a battery in it and post pictures/video of it running. The one in it (shown in the picture) was old and needed replacement that last fall.
  6. Hodge12306

    1979 C-161

    How’s $400
  7. Hodge12306

    1979 C-161

    Wildmanc120, I am not home for a good portion of the day today, but you can call me tonight after 8 pm. Are you agreeable with the price? I was adding the implements to make it more attractive. I guess I didn’t need to. Anyone reading interested in a blower deck or plow?
  8. Hodge12306

    1979 C-161

    Just the tractor no deck or the other parts? I could do that.
  9. Hodge12306

    1979 C-161

    I have a 79 C-161 (ID# 91-16BS02-18184 9030) that has been sitting for about two years, and is looking for some love. I have a deck, a snow blower attachment, as well as a plow blade. I have the attachment arms for the blade but it has been modified slightly to be use with my 4 wheeler. I put a $500 price tag on it but am not sure what is is really worth. I have included pictures and can provide more information if needed.