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  1. Rob S

    Power constant at solinoid

    I know I should only have power to the blue wire on the crank circuit but I have it in the run circuit and the tractor cranks as soon as you turn the key to run tried brand new key switch and relays cleaned all grounds wire connections are all cleaned and large white plug is fine the only thing I can think of is the new relays are Napa brand not OEM?
  2. Rob S

    Power constant at solinoid

    No works fine I have power to the blue wire in the run position and in crank position
  3. Replaced key switch relays checked fuses and fuse block still have power to starter solinoid in the run position check for correct key switch also any help would be greatly appreciated 1997 520 problem started with the tractor starting a running fine for an hour turned it off went to restart and had no crank until it cooled down