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  1. Schorchy

    Looking for help D250 parts

    Found rotor on eBay in France, think I have found points at a R4 parts supply also in France.
  2. Schorchy

    mowing decks

    I have a 60" deck for sale or trade
  3. Schorchy

    D 250 Points

    Need set of points for my D 250. The number on the points is 72183
  4. Schorchy

    Looking for help D250 parts

    Got new cap it was a Ducellier 72196 found on Ebay cant find a rotor or points yet.
  5. Had a old blade laying around, and some steel...........need some welding practace !


  6. Schorchy

    D250 Idles great, falls on its face if speed it up

    Found part numbers man this stuff is rare ! Item Brand Part number Cap Ducellier 72196 Rotor Ducellier 72192
  7. Schorchy

    Bolt Size

    Found it ,,, It's a 14mm 1.50 pitch
  8. Schorchy

    Looking for help D250 parts

    Go to NAPA look up cap and rotor for a 1958 Renault Dalphine 852CC engine Cap is a Ducellier 72196 Rotor is a Ducellier 72192 I just ordered them for my D-250 should be in in a couple of days, I will report back to let you know how it worked out !
  9. Schorchy

    Bolt Size

    D-250 Cant find the right size Bolt and Thread ! Please help , I've lost most of my Hair !
  10. Schorchy

    D250 Idles great, falls on its face if speed it up

    I put a electric fuel pump on it and same Problem, But I do know that the coil was changed before i got the tractor so Ill look at that ! Update, tried the wire switch, nothing... but I thought about trying another coil, I did and its a 50% improvement ! this is a old coil I had laying around. I need to find a replacemnt coil with the correct output any Help ? Part Number Cross reference ? Also Points,condensor,Cap and rotor parts numbers ? Piont and Plug Gap ?
  11. Rebuilt the carb, checked the timing. starts easy Idles awesome but try to increase engine speed it misses and splutters !