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  1. Reuben357

    New Holland

    The New Holland blower will mount on the Wheel Horse and you have a vertical shaft engine with a mule and PTO on the lower end of the shaft, it SHOULD work for you. I have a FORD NEW HOLLAND LS 35. The attach-a-matic (front mount) was bent and New Holland wanted more than I was willing to pay so I bought the same one from TORO for less money. The only difference was the color and I don't mind red on a blue tractor.
  2. Reuben357

    C 195 drive belt change

    Didn't take the seat or fenders off. Just removed the belt guard and changed the belt. Worked the belt under the fenders and over the tranny drive pulley and did the same on the engine end. Put the cover back on and away I went. Couldn't find an 87.25 inch belt so I went to Parts Plus and picked up an 87x5/8 and it works fine. Thanks for the help all the same.
  3. Reuben357

    C 195 drive belt change

    I recently acquired a C195 that's in need of a belt change. The manual that came with the tractor is the operators manual. How do I get the drive belt off and put the new one on?