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  1. I have an 1989 312-8. The Owner's Manual shows a color photo/picture of a WH with silver/gray rims. The WH has silver/gray rims now, but it definitely is not the original paint. I am redoing the rims (sandblast and repaint) and I would like to repaint with as original a color as possible. I would appreciate any information available. Thanks Old5foot
  2. old5foot

    Wanted-8.5" WH rims-

    Thanks. But I have found the rims locally. Appreciate your response. Old5foot
  3. old5foot

    Wanted-8.5" WH rims-

    Looking for a pair of wide (8.5") Wheel Horse rims. Don't need the tires, but would buy them too if price is right. Thanks Old5foot
  4. old5foot


    just checking to see if you stillhad any wide rims. If so, what size are they. Thanks Old5foot
  5. Anybody had any success mounting Kenda Terra 502 tires on 7.5 x 12 Wheel Horse rims? Kenda says the tire needs a 8.5 x 12 rim. They spec. out as 23 x 10.5 x 12. My 318 rims measure 7.5" from inside of bead to inside of bead. So they just might work. Reason for all this being I have some steep slopes down to the lake. Yard has a toboggan run slope, a couple of 8 - 10 foot drops with flat areas in between. Total drop of about 20 feet in about 100 feet. Plus the soil is Michigan sand. Grass is thin and the old original Carlisles just aren't cutting it anymore. Looking for a more agressive tire for turf. Have read some goon reviews of the 502's on this forum. But not much detail on the rims they were mounted on. Any experiences good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks Old 5 Foot
  6. old5foot

    Snow thrower model

    I haven' found any numbers yet. But I did track down several Blowers with the triangular bearing flange. All were mid to late 1970's. Talked to Fuzz at S&K in Owosso, MI, he tracked down the bearing I need. Really knows his stuff. (989-723-2369) I also texted with a fellow who rebuilt his C-120 and blower (1973) bearings and more (same triangular bearing flange) (231-350-8360). He sounded willing to share his experience. Would be worth a call. Good Luck, will pass on any numbers I can track down. But I think you are right about interchangable parts. Just make sure they fit the 3/4" driveshaft. old5foot
  7. old5foot

    Snow blower/Charger 12

    Sorry, posted to the wrong thread.
  8. old5foot

    Snow thrower model

    Have you been able to ID the blower? I have a similar one. It also has a triangular plate holding the bearing on the chain drive socket. I am trying to ID mine so I can order new bearings. It also has a 3/4" drive shaft. The parts diagram for all the 1980 model years on PartsTree.com all show round bearing cover plate.Will let you kno if I have any luck. Appreciate your doing the same. old5foot
  9. old5foot

    Snow blower/Charger 12

    Did you find a model # on the unit in the picture? It looks very similar to what I just bought. Does it have a triangular plate holding the chain drive shaft bearings in place? Trying to ID mine so I can get the correct replacement bearings. Thanks old5foot