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  1. Nh723

    Vacuum bagger

  2. I'm looking to get a vacuum bagger for my 520h with 48" deck. I found one for sale off of a 314h with 48" deck. Will this work with my machine? Thanks
  3. Nh723

    520h trans axles

    So you can get me both axles for $88?
  4. Thank you both for the replies! I am looking in to buying a parts tractor. Does anybody happen to know what models have the Eaton 1100? Is it only the 520h?
  5. Nh723

    520h trans axles

    Looking for new trans axles, L and R
  6. Recently bought a 520h. It came with a kwikway loader set up, 48" mower deck, rototiller and dual wheel set up. It's been an enjoyable machine. But I've had problems with my trans axles. When I got the machine, both axles had broken key ways. (I presume this is from to much stress on the axle from the loaded dual tire set up) Somebody had drilled a hole straight through the hub and axle and put shear bolts in. Even with running a grade 8 bolt in then they just don't hold up. The axle shafts themselves are getting quite worn. Can anybody tell me where I can find some new axles and seal kit for the replacing these?