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  1. Seacrestbf

    B 80

    Thank you Everyone for you comments.
  2. Seacrestbf

    B 80

    If you push it slow and it stops after a foot or 2, then wait, you can roll it again, then wait, then roll a few more feet. ?? Seems like it builds then realses pressure??
  3. Seacrestbf

    B 80

    Hello When we try to push the machine with out it running or in gear. The rear wheels are locking up. Is there a release valve? I have to push it from the storage area to the shop, the motor is rapping. Thank you
  4. Seacrestbf

    3 Point Tow Hitch

    Thank you
  5. Seacrestbf

    3 Point Tow Hitch

    Thank you, Thank you, I will use your as a guide. Thank for the help. Brian
  6. Seacrestbf

    3 Point Tow Hitch

    That looks great, the design is very sturdy. The height is nice for trailers, nice touch on the holder for the hitch, it will save your shins. Do you build and sell these? Thank you
  7. Seacrestbf

    3 Point Tow Hitch

    Hello Can Any One recommend a Good tow hitch for the D200? For moving boat trailers around, (2" Ball) . Thank you
  8. Seacrestbf

    wheel horse c-145

    Hello, I have seen you ad on Craigs list, I am Interested in you tractor. Has any thing been done on the motor. Thank you Brian Foley
  9. Seacrestbf

    D 200

    Hello I am looking for a motor out of a D 200- Kohler K 532? Or a complete tractor for parts? Thank you Brian Foley
  10. Seacrestbf

    D 200 Engine

    Thank you very much. Do you know where to buy? What about the fit?
  11. Seacrestbf

    D 200 Engine

    Would you consider Replacing the motor with something else ?? Send the Motor to a rebuilder?? Brian Miller??
  12. Seacrestbf

    D 200 Engine

    Any Thoughts on where to buy parts for the rebuild? Thank you Thank you
  13. Seacrestbf

    D 200 Engine

    Thank you
  14. Seacrestbf

    D 200 Engine

    Hello I have a D 200 and my sons have been cutting the lawn this summer and nerver check th oil and the seized the motor. I freed the motor up and it runs fine until there is a load. I checked the Compression and I have one dead hole. ;-( it broke my heart. I have a Mower, tiller, and snow thrower. Any Advise? Should I buy a motor? Or rebuild or scrap?? I liked the machine. But I dont want to dump a ton of money into it if it is questionable. I am not sure if it is a Kohler or Onan?? Any thoughts Thank you Brian Foley
  15. Seacrestbf

    Bogging Down

    Hello, I have a D 200. It has been running great, I was having a hard time starting it and I replace the filter and fuel pump. Adjusted the carb, and now under heavy load she will bog down and stall. If you are just driving seams fine, but if you tow a trailer with the mower, I boggs and stalls? Carb Issue or Fuel Pump? Thoughts? Thank you Brian