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    Onan Carb

    Boomer, I am fixing up a D-160 I just got. Its a 1976 with an Onan 16hp and looks like it should have had the DD11/12/13 carb on it (whichever had the attached fuel pump). But a previous owner, for reasons unknown to me, replaced it with a carb I have never seen before and added an electric fuel pump. Well, that worked for a bit, I guess, but its not working now. I want to go back to whatever was original on this. I have the body of a DD carb (I think its a DD11) and no fuel pump. I also see the vacuum line has been cut short and a screw put in it. Questions: What carb set up came with this particular year and model? Do you sell those things I would need to rebuild this and get it back to operation? Do you sell any hats with the WH logo? (sorry, off topic, but I had to ask)
  2. My first job was in the USAF in combat communications (2CCGp) I left there after ten years and ended up in Florida where I became a 911 dispatcher, then ambulance dispatcher, then an EMT/Paramedic, and then went to the Fire Academy.   I also attended the Police Academy and after some more bouncing around,  I spent about 20 years policing in the South Florida area.   When my youngest daughter was about to enter High School, I decided I needed a better place to raise her and early retirement was an option at that point.   So now I live in the country, among some of the kindest, nicest people I have ever known.   Trustworthy (no one locks doors,  keys are always left in cars,  children run around freely like I did when I was a kid-  they know the adults all know each other and talk to each other.    A real community experience- first time in my life.    Then  I got addicted to gardening,  hiking, outdoors, hunting, fishing....all of that.    Tractors followed  ( at one point I had 4 Case VAC tractors I was restoring from 1947 to 1951) .    A soon thereafter my brother (a real mechanic, unlike me)  began to teach me small engine mechanics and gave me the "bug".  Although my brother is no longer with us,  I think of him every time I turn a wrench.   Of all the various equipment types and models I have worked on now,   Wheelhorse just stays in my favorite category.     I think I like the story of the beginning in the garage.      And thats my deal in a nutshell.