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  1. sgtsampay

    B80 to a B130

    Very Nice. Looks kinda like my b1300 custom build. I just did it a little differently so I i coud keep the same hood.
  2. sgtsampay

    Walk-behind snowblower

    For the record my toro 1028 has been great and I got it in 2009
  3. sgtsampay

    520-h engine issues

    Agree with the fuel supply as well.
  4. sgtsampay

    What was your first car ?

    My first was a 1998 ford ranger 4.0l ohv 4x4 with 3.73 axles short bed double cab sport. I loved that truck so much and wished I would have never sold it when I was 19 years and stupid..
  5. Wife isn't home to take pictures of me driving but wow. Never owned an auto before but this thing moves. After one or two min letting it warm up and such it nows moves great. My gps says 6 ish forward and 3ish backward. Doesn't do .mph. lol. After driving around for a good 20 mins I still had great performance. The filter is nice and warm feeling. The engine at full throttle doesn't even notice the tranny unless I stop then go forward really fast and the engine would use the governor for a sec then purr right along. The lever needs go be move alot though in my opinion until it moves. Is that normal? Also the parking paw thing seems a little worn as its not super strong but still works. I'm amazing a 75 tranny works so well though.. when I first started learning it today I moved the lever forward to fast and the whole front end lifted up about one foot. I was like woe horsey. Lol. She is so ready for action I think.
  6. sgtsampay

    Blade tip. speed increase

    I just measured my pulleys. The center pulley is 3.5 to outside of belt and the same both top and bottom. Then if I'm still correct the big pulley on pto is 4.5 on the outside. 14 in center blade and the equation. States it's spinning at 16,900ish rpm. Kinda fast for that age right?
  7. sgtsampay

    Blade tip. speed increase

    Yes I agree with the increased speed raises the risks up if I were to hit something. However, I feel today's new craftmans gt mowers with thinner decks spin faster than our stock deck do and they are a thinner gauge for sure.. So I'm willing to take the risk.. The electric PTO idea I never played with those so I have no clue. I'm guessing it isn't rocket science.. I will go measure my pulley today. As this may be an option for me to take as well.
  8. sgtsampay

    A Poor Horse

    I agree the colors on this tractor do work well. However, why did the owner do this? Why.. I wonder if the ole horse felt like a black sheep or what after this.
  9. sgtsampay

    Blade tip. speed increase

    Hmm. Correct I haven't used this deck yet this year. My reasoning for high blade tip[ speed was so I can mow at any fast pace I want as long as the ground isn't rough. Am I creating extra work for nothing if this isn't needed? Also, I meant increase speed. Your right decreasing wouldn't be need. LOL.
  10. Hello all. I have a 36in rear discharge in nice shape. It's going on my 13hp rig so I know the power will be there. The trouble is how can I decrease the blade speed via the pulley on the deck that connects to the mule drive. Or do you think it would be better to increase the pot pulley somehow. Any ideas. Thanks. I do know in the past some have done mods to increase the tip speed but if you had to do it again any easier way?
  11. Looking great. Can't wait to hear that new briggs fire up and mow witb a 60in..
  12. It Lives! It Lives! http://vid177.photobucket.com/albums/w224/sgtsampay/1975%20B100%20Auto/20150405_161137_zpssxuly27b.mp4 So today my amazing wife wished to spend a little time with me and wrap up this project. Well, we manage to attach the gas line, throttle cable, bolt down the engine, put on the pto system for the last time I hope, fill the crank case with fresh oil, and prime the engine. Then the magic happened and on the first pull it started to life. No smoke, no surging, nothing odd at all. Just a smooth running engine. It goes well trottle up and down and overall isn't load at all. Was very very pleased and hope to have many more hours with her. So now its time to measure and order a new belt for the drive system and mower deck. Then let them run. I will also try and mount a engine hour meter but that about it. I think its going to be a winner.
  13. That fine about the pictures. When you get around to it, please do as i will try the plate idea and install a electric fuel pump on it. I think it would be the cats meow for this engine.
  14. Please know I would completely strip this machine down and paint it all up but since its to cold, I'm low on funds, and this machine needs to help make money first before I can shut it down for a full make over. So please forgive me for not showing my best work this time as I have in the past. I promise I will make it right one day and hope this machine will do well for my small lawn care as my old horses have.
  15. Update: The seals I found at a local motion industries for 4 bucks each. They are the cross referenced at 1in Internal, 1.499 and 1.503 OD with .25 width. Not sure if it will work so for now I will just keep these on hand for when the old ones start leaking I will replace them. I also got the machine shop to add another set screw hole on top of new key way slot at a 90 degree off set from the original. So I now have two set screws along with new key way slots in the hubs. The right axle I just installed a new keyway into it and tighten it all up. I gave the hub some love taps with the hammer to get them on since I didn't want to keep using my palm to tap it in place. The left side I also got the hub installed the same way with no issues but only after I did the JB weld idea. Seemed to work great once it dried. I'm very please with the results. I also mounted the front tires back on with the new sealed bearing. One side needed a little extra shiming but otherwise worked find as well. Both spin very well with no more play and very quite. I know think later in the summer I will be needing to replace my tie rods as they seem to have the play now the steering wheel is nice and tight and the front wheels.. Always something right? Next I used some 3/8in rod and made a new PTO rod so I can move the truion to any position I will need it to be at. I then finally made a plate after much measuring and lining up the PTO setup. I installed all of the parts first to make sure it all works before I measured where the mounting holes will on the new plate and part of the frame. Then after some drilling and cutting bam, the engine now finally has mounting hole. I just don't have long enough bolts so tomorrow I will get those, install the gas line from the tank to the carb along with the throttle cable and hear this thing run.. I did fix the lift lever as it was sticking with some oil as it was very rusted and dry. I then took the nails out of the lift linkages and replaced them with new clips as it should have. I replaced the tranny oil plug after some more old oil came out of it and then refilled it to the full level with nice clean oil. The amazing wife also came visit this morning and said I had to organize the shop better so I had to complete that task before even started today's work. LOL. It does look great and its so nice to have one's own garage. I never had my own before and even though this is just a storage unit its great. Hope you all enjoy its progress so far.