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  1. Tbonz

    Newer wheel horse preference

    Well... just thought I’d give an update on the 12-38. Cut the grass one time and posted it up for sale. It was too slow for me. Went back to my 312-5. It doesn’t look as pretty but gets the job done in 1/4 time. I can’t say that the 12-38 was not a good mower because it was nice. It just wasn’t for me.
  2. Tbonz

    Newer wheel horse preference

    Thanks for all your input! i ended up with a 12-38. Mainly beacause it was the nicest available to me. The 267h I looked at was in poor shape. I do plan on using My 312-8 for the bulk of my mowing at the facility and for snow mowing. The 12-38 will kind of be the trim/tight area mower. I think that if a nicer 260 series was available in my price I would have picked it up, however the 12-38 is in really nice shape and I’ll be happy with it. I do love the way the foot pedal works. Thanks again
  3. Tbonz

    Newer wheel horse preference

    Thank you Dennis, I am interested in trying the foot pedal. Also does anyone know the differences between the 260 series or 520 series tractors and the hp-deck size line?ex. 12-38 Is the hp-deck size just lawn tractors? while the 260 and above garden tractors? thank you
  4. Hi im looking for some advice on newer(plastic hood) wheel horses. I have a few 300 series and a 520h also a suburban and lawn raider. But I’m looking into getting a plastic hood wheel horse for a cleaner mulch/bag option and tighter turning radius for a little under 2 broken up heavily landscaped acres at my work. I’m looking at 3 models: 22-38 hydro. 16-44 hydro. And 267 or 268 hydro. Or posibly a used residential toro zero. Any opinions or assistance out there. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, new here! Looking for a 1960 suburban manual to download. Just picked one up and would read the manual. I found a previous post but the link was bad. Thanks