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  1. ohiostate454

    656 Restore

    Those are the before pictures, don't really have any of it right now lol. I ended up buying a short block of Ebay that "needed rings" because the block that came on the tractor was blasted to bits for the previous owner never putting oil in it. So the flywheel, carb, pulley, etc came from that motor and the piston, rod, crank, etc where from the used block. I honed the cylinder put new rings in it but now I am wondering if I should have went with a whole new piston and rod assembly. New bearings in the block and rebuilt the carb. I want it to be original but my bolens deck needs to be rebuilt bad so I am thinking of using the predator to mow with this and pull trailer for leafs etc the rest of the year.
  2. ohiostate454

    656 Restore

  3. So I have been working on a 656 I picked up at the end of last year and I did my first ever motor rebuild by my self on it. However it seems that I have lots of play in the piston and some slop at TDC more then I should have. So to finish the year mowing I am thinking of doing a predator swap while I go over the engine again. I am sure several people have done this before and I have a spare mounting plat to make it work. I am wondering if anyone has any pictures of ones they have done for help along the way. I know I will need a adapter to use the factory pulley and I don't want to destroy any of the sheetmetal since it is in good shape. I will keep you posted as I go along and eventually when I get the hh60 back together correctly to re install.
  4. ohiostate454

    656(hh60) Wiring questions

    I am putting my 656 back together and I see on the electrical diagram that there should be a white common wire going to the fuse panel. Does anyone have a photo of how they current have there tractor wired? I reconnected all my wires back how I took them off Negative is on side of the motor, one pole from switch to starter, other switch to Positive, and Green to the middle fuse panel location. I attempted to roll it over and was greeted with a click and a little puff of smoke so I am thinking something is wrong somewhere lol. It is a fairly simple system so I am hoping I just am missing something obvious.
  5. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Well I threw it back together so I could push it back in the corner of the garage so we could get our cars in since it is supposed to snow all week. I see a few spots I missed cleaning on the bottom of the frame that will get cleaned and re sprayed. Also I am not overly happy with how the hood turned out so I think it is going to be stripped down with the fender pan and reshot as well. Other then that the wheels need to be re done its not awful I kind of wish I would have fully stripped it down to paint in pieces but it's going to be put to work so it isn't the end of the world. I also noticed that I didn't get any paint on the shifter So I am thinking it will get a coat of black to go with the wheel hubs.
  6. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    I did prep the wheels I scrubbed them with a degreaser and a scoring pad. Used mineral spirits to cut what was left of the grease and residue and wiped it until I could get a clean rag. Roughed it with some 1000 grit paper and one rag or preprep for paint. I made sure I let it dry as well. I am wondering if it was the paint I was using because I had similar problems when I sprayed the hood of my Bolens before winter. As for the lift do you have a picture of how it attaches to the lift arm? I see pictures of some kind of bar that I am guessing sits parella to the transmission as some for of a guide? I still might try to fab some sort of electric lift for it so I can run 2 implements at the same time independently.
  7. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Hey it for sure helps the paint look better......... I'm kind of wishing I would have tore it down a little more before painting it but I am pretty happy with the finished product on the body. For some reason I am having a hell of a time getting primer to stick to the wheels. I am not overly happy with them and I have some spares I might throw on and I will sandblast the originals and try again on them. I will snap some pics of it tonight with the hood and trans back in it and hopefully sitting on all 4 tires. I am curious my slothitch currently is just used in a fixed position with a bolt on the back of the frame. Does anyone have pictures of what the lift cable looks like and how it mounts inside the tractor? I am thinking about getting a small winch from harbor freight and see if I can mounts that sideways with a ****** block and have an electric rear lift in this.
  8. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Well since it is finally starting to warm up I have been able to get some work done on the 656. I also have a new motor with new rings and gaskets that needs to be honed and put together that I will do sometime this spring. The body however cleaned up very nicely and I have most of the painting done and will clear coat it this spring. I fixed some of the dents but it isn't perfect and I taped off the old decals because there were in excellent shape and I wanted to have some of the original look to it. Should finish up most of the paint tonight and reassembly tomorrow so I can get the cars back in my newly red floored garage.
  9. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Well I decided to use this warm 40 degree day to clean the tractor. I have to saw I absolutely love how easy it was to remove the deck. After Christmas I plan or striping the rest of the panels off to prime and paint it. I also noticed the shifter boot was basically disintegrated so I will be ordering a new one of those. I also have a buddy with a 3d printer that is going to print me a new hood ornament and the tab that goes on the hood release lever.
  10. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Well I started to tear into the old girl a little more. I was already dirty from replacing the spark plugs in my wrx (which btw is a complete pain in the ass.) Went ahead and pulled the motor all the way off and all the parts off the exterior of it. I sprayed the frame down with some degreaser and will clean it up hopefully next weekend. Looking at how simple this tractor is I think I am going to go ahead and pull it apart and paint it during the winter. I work for an abrasives manufacturer so all my sanding and prepping supplies or either free or at cost. I was hoping only one side of the case of the hh60 would be bad but it blew the rod through both sides. I will hopefully get out to the junkyard and try to find a good replacement block and internals to put a hh60 back into it. Untill then clean it up strip it and paint it. Does someone here make replacement decals for these as well I would like to just pull the old off and put new on when I am done. We also got our first snow of the year so I went out and played with my 1220 a little since my neighbor plowed most of my drive while I was gone lol.
  11. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Kalamazoo light truck parts has a ton of them you can look up there prices under forms online if I remember there were a few wheel horses there as well as several cubs, deeres, and AC/simplicities. I was almost thinking to try jb weld but if I do end up selling it to pay for the c-141 rebuild I want it to be right for the new owner. That is good to know the blocks are on other implements everything else is good on the motor just a new block and internals.
  12. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Well upon further investigation tonight I think I might have found the problem. The rod and the block were no longer getting along so the rod seems to have left the block lol. Now I get to decide on a repower or try to find a replacement hh60 that runs or to rebuild and swap into it. With that added timeline I might actually tear it all the way down and paint it to try to get a little more out of it come spring when I sell it.
  13. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Well I finally was able to get one of the tractors to my house and opted for the 656 since it was complete. I started digging into a little. The old owner thought the motor blew but wasn't sure. Pulled the plug and rolled the motor by hand and nothing no compression. Pulled the head and the piston stayed at the top of the block. I hopefully we get it the rest of the way pulled and access the damage and order a rebuild kit for this and get it going. I also noticed that when you lift the seat pan it has two compartments one for thebshifter and another behind that. There was a large weight in the back area and I am curious if this was a stock form of weight addition or someone had a bright idea and stuffed the weight in there.
  14. ohiostate454

    C141 blade and snow cab

    I am looking for a blade for a C141 not sure if I will need any of the lifting mechanism or not until I go through everything I received with the tractor. I am also looking for a softcab even if it is just the frame of one with the bars and roof. Located in southwest Michigan but travel to eastern Michigan and Ohio quote often.
  15. ohiostate454

    New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Awesome to know someone is that close of I get stuck. My brother took a couple pictures when they got them unloaded. I guess the old owner took the tierods off the 141 for the 656? I am going to have my brother get me some measurements and make new ones this week. Then this weekend i plan on going to the tractor junkyard by my house and hopefully find a 14hp kohler. They charge 75bucks for a 12 to 20 horse I don't think is a terrible price. If I can't fine a 14 I know for sure there are some 12hps there. I do have a question about the 656 rear it has a slot hitch on it but then has a long bar sticking out of that. Is this some sort of an adapter or set up to pull a yard car or something with a pin hitch?