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    Wheelhorse 416-8 model 73440
    Kubota B1750
    New Holland Boomer 30/40
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    Stiga 4wd Park
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    Crediton, Devon
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    Retired senior Teacher - now full time smallholder.
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    Obviously growing stuff, organically.
    Shooting (bloody rabbits),
    establishing a 40+ heritage orchard and making superb cider (well me and me mates think it is),
    Finding and resurrecting old agricultural stuff. Currently restoring Howard 200 Rotavator, 2-stroke Effing temperamental mantis, and recently acquired Wheelhorse 416-8

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  1. Poppa T

    Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Thanks very much for that, Norm. I have been squirting WD on everything that looks like it should move, screw or bolt. Taking the tiller off the back is a good idea - hadn't thought of that. It'll be a slow process ( running a Smallholding takes most of my time) but I o like to take the occasional day off to 'play'. obviously I'll have to start making a shopping list, starting with a seat.
  2. Poppa T

    Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Ok here are a couple or so pics of the 'find'. In the side view showing the range lever can you tell me if the button on top should press down because mine doesn't. I haven't really started stripping it down yet. Also the starter motor looks fairly corroded.
  3. Poppa T

    Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Ok so this is our place - half way between Crediton and Sandford. It's the whole triangle - about 2.5 acres. sorting and dragging the lambs and doing what small boys do best....riding on uncle rob's Kubota.
  4. Poppa T

    Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Superb, thank you. All printed off and in my workshop Hi, Neil i travel between Crediton and Birmingham and Stafford up th M5 a good few times a year to visit an ailing 90 year old mother, my daughter and grandkids. Probably pass by your place. incidentally if you are ever in my neck of the woods drop in, the kettle's always on. Home brewed cider always in the fridge. I'm happy to pm you details.
  5. Poppa T

    Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Brilliant, brilliant brilliant. Thank you for the welcomes and the excellent downloads. I've been a bit busy today getting back to the uk after a well earned 3 week jolly in the Dordogne. That's what brothers are for😀🍺😀. So catching up my late planting of some 300 garlics and elephant garlics then my mate Julian turned up asking for help to lift out a Landrover engine with the tractor means I didn't get to photo the beast. Tomorrow definitely.
  6. Poppa T

    Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Hi ( for those not familiar with the title it translates as 'Here in Sunny Devon') Thought I'd better join being as I've just rescued a wheelhorse complete with rotavator/tiller attached that has been left in a field for the past 5 years!. When I get my head around this forum I'll upload some pics. It's in a bit of a sorry state but looks all there. This is my first Toro but have read that it has a good solid reputation - plus I like to find knackered old agricultural stuff to bring back to life. ( I'll introduce my wife later 😳 We we have a Smallholding near Crediton where we live an organic, self sufficient lifestyle. Being closer to 70 than 60 I really appreciate machinery on the farm. righto, my find is: Toro Wheelhorse 416-8 8 Speed model 73440 serial 3900125 engine Power Plus 16, pressure lubrication obviously I don't have any manuals so would love a dialogue with anyone who can help with this aspect.