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  1. chris11

    Building a Pulling engine

    Well I cant update any new pictures, The web site not letting me.
  2. Happy Birthday Buddy Hoping to hang out with you guys at the shows this summer.

  3. chris11

    Sport stock

    I should have kept that one just for fun.
  4. chris11

    Sport stock

    Its all in the header
  5. I would have got the coffee today that's for sure. Im going to just go to work and get some stuff done. Thank you guys
  6. Well the weather is going to stop me from going but I have had the best day. I got my truck back from getting tranny put in. And took my girl out for dinner played my keno numbers and won 10 grand.
  7. I have one Mike can drive has a briggs t 70 b
  8. Mike I have one of those for you needs the pulleys for engine and to get the engine running
  9. You can drive it around Mike if you want
  10. John you buying coffee for us? Is Stevbo Going? I may drive my panzer, or my cub. My rj isn't done yet need parts
  11. He was a cop at the big show
  12. chris11

    TT's "DRAGS-TOR"

    I wanted to get the picture of Ts tractor up again. This is the start of the rat rod tractor look . awesome job, Also Kelly made a real cool one too.
  13. chris11

    Meet & Greet @ Stevebo's - Sept. 19th !!

    Ill make it to Zagray. Dropping truck off tomorrow. I need those pulleys to finish my wheelhorse. Ill take Tonys truck if I have too.
  14. chris11

    Meet & Greet @ Stevebo's - Sept. 19th !!

    I wish I could have made it. I wanted to bring the rj58 down. Now im going to sell it. Used tran is 1200 bucks im bumming.
  15. chris11

    Meet & Greet @ Stevebo's - Sept. 19th !!

    I have been working on my rj 58 all week to bring it with me. On my way home from work I lost my tran in my truck. Im not going to make it.