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  1. Early 70’s C161 with front loader bucket and homemade box blade, non-runnin K321? Hi, i purchased this tractor a year ago. It ren for an hour and then stopped, with no compression it had a K341 in it. I replaced the motor with a spare that came with it, now it has died as well. We we made a mount and winch set up to use the 3’ box blade. The front bucket/hydraulics work well. I’m in Carson City NV. I also have a mower mower deck and a tiller but I do not know their condition. Thanks for looking. Jim
  2. Hi, just picked up a Wheel Horse “C-161” today. I still need to verify the model. It came with a box blade, two tillers and has a bucket loader. Are there any videos on how to attach the box blade? Also, any place that I might download a manual? Thank you, Jim.