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  1. JonSobakk

    New member from Norway

    Thanks all for this great intro! As a former (and trained) Professional lumberjack (Now Country IT and BPO Head of DHL logistics), i have bought a small farm for maintaining my knowledge of agricultural topics. I have been looking for ages to find a tractor with small-scale equipent that would be sufficient. I came across the WheelHorse just by accident, and am looking around to find the right red horse to come with me home to my farm to be saddled up in my week-ends. Any suggestions where to look would be much appreciated! Have a nice weekend all!
  2. JonSobakk

    New member from Norway

    Thanks! Will check out @Lars
  3. JonSobakk

    New member from Norway

    Hi Folks, just joined the group. Not an owner yet, but dreaming of getting hold on a horse. Looking forward to learn more!