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  1. Kevin C

    212-5 just acquired

    Thanks Garry!
  2. Kevin C

    212-5 just acquired

    also trying to find what year 212-5 I have, there are no toro decals on this tractor. The model # 32128501 46364 finding out the year I'm sure will help me find the other parts I will need to move the snow around. I need a plow setup wheel weights and chains any help on this would be appreciated Thanks Kevin C
  3. Kevin C

    212-5 just acquired

    Thanks gwest found the info I needed now just need to locate parts for my 212-5 need plow wheel weights and chains not sure if I can increase rear tire size yet but I'll check into it thanks again for your help!
  4. Is it possible to mount a snow plow on a Toro Wheel horse 212-5 with wheel weights also larger rear tires