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  1. Very nice tractors, all. I came up with the ultimate fix for handling snow 3 years ago, I moved south from Indiana to Alabama. Works really well. Kidding aside, really nice set ups folks. Once in awhile I actually miss firing up the plow truck and old Ariens 26" at the farm
  2. If anyone needs muffler connectors, part # 231162, that are no longer available, I have two brand new ones in the box. I have fixed my issue and no longer have need for them. Asking $10 each, plus ACTUAL postage from 35055.
  3. Ok, 80's model Work Horse GT-1800 series. Will it take a loader? If so, does anyone know which model is a direct fit? Or will it require fabrication. If it needs fabrication I will have to outsorce, as I has a defibrillator installed this year and I can't use a welder or chain saw anymore. And that sucks, as I love to use my chainsaw. Thabks for any assistance in advance.
  4. So I have an 18 HP B&S HS in a Work Horse GT. What plugs do you all recommend for the L head? I am installing a stock muffler as well. Currently it has two homemade stack threaded into the exhaust ports. What parts do I need to install the factory replacement muffler as it should be? I am looking for which "864" part numbers I will need since all that is there is the threads in the block and I know the muffler is a slip fit into a mounting part. Thank you in advance for any recommendations
  5. efaubert1

    To buy, or not to buy

    It's an 18, and I will replace the stacks with a stock two into one as soon as I can. I got it bought for $700. The white lettering has to go. It appears to be a 1982 according what the original owner told the guy who restored it. New starter, new solenoid, new belts, all new deck pulley's, and no smoke. Runs like a top and mows well. The hydraulics work and the grader box was just icing on the cake. I am sure I will be asking lots of questions shortly. Thank you all for your advice and input. It appears to be an 18hp Briggs. No sticker under the seat anymore. Saw picture before it was restored, it is a work horse. It was a rusty work horse 😂
  6. efaubert1

    To buy, or not to buy

    Not sure about the hour meter. Will be looking in person tomorrow afternoon. As for the price, if I can get it for less it probably isn't a bad deal?
  7. efaubert1

    To buy, or not to buy

    No, the grader box is included as well
  8. efaubert1

    Hello from Bama

    Hello everyone, My name is Ed Faubert and I currently live in Alabama. I have owned a number of GT and full size tractors over the last 30 years having iwned a small farm in Indiana as well as growing up on one. Always liked the Wheel Horse tractors and currently searching for a GT to mow and do some dirt work around my property. Thanks for the add
  9. efaubert1

    To buy, or not to buy

    Many idea of what the tractor might be worth? I like it well enough, but don't want to give more than market value just because it has a good paint job. He is asking $800
  10. efaubert1

    To buy, or not to buy

    Hello all, I have been a fan of Wheel Horse GT's since childhood (51 yrs old) and was looking for a GT to do some work on my little acre. I found this pristine looking 18HP, 46" hydraulic deck Work Horse with the Wheel Horse logo on it and am wondering if it is worth owning. I thought all Work Horse GT's were white/grey, but this one is all red? Any help appreciated. Also, it comes with the grader box.