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  1. Mattd160

    1981 wheel horse d160

    Tractor runs good. Has 3pt cat0 with 2000rpm Pto with hydraulic lift. Has newer front and rear tires and great running 16hp onan engine. Comes with 3pt rototiller which could use a few new seals but if u keep a eye on fluid its fine, also has a 3pt disk and front plow but missing handle off it.
  2. Mattd160

    Whats my d160 worth?

    Im gonna list my 1981 d160 but have no idea what I should ask, can anyone give me a ball park on what I should ask? Has onan motor that runs great and comes with rototiller and disk and plow
  3. Mattd160

    3pt 2000rpm wheel horse tiller help?

    Thx u. That is very helpful. Do they not make the needle bearing anymore for tiller, having a hard time locating them
  4. Hi I have a d160 with the 3pt tiller. Where can I find a exploded view of the gear box. I need to get seals where the shafts come out that the tines slide on. Leaking gear oil bad and may need the bearing if there are ones in the. Thx u in advance for any leads
  5. Does anyone have any leads on a 3pt wheel horse finish mower that will hook to my d160?
  6. Mattd160

    81 d160

    Thx u guys
  7. Mattd160

    Hydralic filter number

    Thx u
  8. Can any one tell me what part number my hydraulic filter would be that goes on the rear end of my 81 wheel horse d160?
  9. Mattd160

    81 d160

    Could anyone tell me what fluid goes in the hydrastatic rear end and what filter I need and also what fluid goes in the 3 point Pto tiller gear box. Thank u
  10. Mattd160

    The 81 d160

    Getting ready to rip up some food plots!!!
  11. Mattd160

    Carburater help

    I have a D160 with a onans b43m. I need a carb kit and when I look up my carb which is 146-0479 it comes up that the number carb is for a b48m. Does my engine have the wrong carb?. It has a electric fuel pump which don't seem right
  12. Thanks for looking out pacer. A while back I posted the number off the tractor and found out it was a 81 d 160. When I got it I was told it was a 76 but that guy wasn't sure. It looked like crap when I got it
  13. Thank you. Just ordered them
  14. Where can I find a sticker kit for my 1981 d160 twinn?
  15. Mattd160

    The 81 d160

    Just about finished