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  1. paul87150

    227-5 No drive

    Thanks Sargeas, I will take a look as soon as this darn rain stops, and hopefully tomorrow but may have to wait until next weekend. Will get back to you asap with an update.
  2. paul87150

    227-5 No drive

    Hi Garry, The ID number is R2-17K501 according to notes made in the manual from the previous owner. This is where I got the Peerless 822 transmission information off the Toro site. Unfortunately it doesn;t provide any pictorial info or parts list. Regards, Paul
  3. paul87150

    227-5 No drive

    Thank you for your reply Sarge. I will take some pictures and attempt to post them, always seems a problem on forums! There was no indication of bearing failure, no noise whatever, I will double check the belt but there is absolutely no drive, as if the belt itself had broken or jumped off the pulley. I can feel the belt and it seems OK and 'feels right'. I'm currently battling with the leaves so would dearly love to get her back up and running. As I mentioned in my original post, the clutch didn't seem to come back up sufficiently, I'm talking the last quarter inch of travel, no more. I fastened one end of a strong elastic cord with kooks on both ends, we call it a 'bungy' maybe different on your side of the pond! This cured the 'insufficient' driving force, more akin to a slipping clutch not providing full transmission of power. I've looked for a good long while but cannot find any reference of worth to the gearbox/transmission, how it's constructed or works. Does that help you any? Regards, Paul
  4. I think it is admirable that someone takes a cast off item and is willing to take the time to restore it to full use, personally I hate this throw away society we seem to be surrounded by, well done you!
  5. paul87150

    227-5 No drive

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, like many others I have left it until I have a problem mainly due to overload the past year or so since I bought my 227-5 to deal with new land we bought in the Limousin, France. Part of my reasoning to buy this particular machine was its age, I love old stuff, much better built than the vast majority of modern equipment. It also has a sweeper that I can use independently for collecting leaves and chestnut husks that are a particular problem at this time of year. It has worked really well up until now! The problem I have is that suddenly I have no drive at all, this admittedly has been coming on for a while and I cobbled a Heath Robinson fix to get me through the summer when we were doing the 15 hour round trip from our old place in France to this one and dealing with mountains of grass at both ends! So it started out as a dicky drive which seemed to be the lack of engagement when the clutch was released, I supported the return with a elastic bungy which provided a little more return pressure. All seemed well until yesterday when the mower ran fine and then wouldn't run at all when restarted. Nothing else has been changed in the meantime. I have absolutely no clue how this transmission works and although the manual refers to it there is precious little information on the workings and servicing. We live out in the sticks far from the madding crowd and have become quite good at sorting things, I just need help with information on how I strip this baby down and find the problem so I can fix it. All contributions would be gratefully received. Thank in advance, Paul I have just found a link to the Toro site and it states the transmission is Peerless 822! Does this help anyone answer my post above please?