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  1. Eglijim

    Deere deck on 520xi

    Agreed, if the tractor itself was in poor condition I would not bother but as it has only done 427 hours and runs very nicely, I think modifying a current available deck is a viable option. I hate the throw away approach that is now becoming normal, I still consider my 1965 triumph trials bike as one of the most modern bikes I run. Having put the decks side by side it looks like actually hanging the deck on the tractor is the easy job. It will trickier to alter the pulleys to accept the drive to the front centre spindle. The Deere drive pulley is only around 5.5 " as opposed to the 7" diameter of the WH deck so it looks like we will have to separate the existing drive pulley and mount to the front spindle on the Deere. That way there will be no issues with different belt sections. We will also likely alter the deck belt tensioner arrangement on the Deere deck which is poor. Just need to get the final cut of this year out to the old deck before it converts itself back to iron oxide ! .
  2. Eglijim

    Deere deck on 520xi

    Thanks for the heads up but have bought the complete new Deere deck for half the cost of a local shop to fabricate a replacement copy bare deck shell ;. The 54"Deere deck shell seems more substantial (3mm Thick and 70Kg.) than the old WH deck and heavier built than the "domestic" Deere products. Will know by the Spring. Jim. Still trying to decide if we can fabricate some new brackets to hang under the tractor or we cut off the attach-a-matic frame from the old deck and fix to the JD to maintain the floating and ease of removal/attachment it gives ?. Jim.
  3. Eglijim

    Deere deck on 520xi

    Thanks for that, unfortunately have been unable to locate any for sale in the UK for some time and the existing deck shell is now past sensible repair.
  4. We normally fitted "Elliot" 3inch analogue dial gauges for the correct look on classic race (and road) bikes as on my 1953 Vincent racer. 0-8000 rpm. They are triggered from the low tension side of the ignition coil. Not great for a very low rpm diesel. If using a mechanical unit be aware they can be clockwise or anticlockwise driven and can be 1:1, 2:1 or 4:1 ratio. Right angle drive gearboxes (motorcycle) are available and fairly inexpensive to fit to a custom flange depending where you can find a suitable and accessible drive shaft. Maybe a light aircraft unit would work well as they are usually calibrated from 0 to 4000 rpm
  5. Eglijim

    Pictures of your 48" deck please

    Hi, Bearing Boys are UK and speak plain English if you give them a ring. The Deere deck was new old stock and seems to be fitted to several different mowers in the Deere range . Some have a PTO drive or an idler at the rear with a double pulley. The intention is to put the double pulley on the front shaft as on the 5 xi and drive as normal. Intend to see if we can modify the mounts to hang on the xi without destroying my old deck ?.
  6. Eglijim

    Deere deck on 520xi

    Welllll, I have the new complete Deere deck, it seems like a decent heavily built 3mm thick deck pressing . The old WH deck is almost totally shot although the components are all serviceable. Had considered having my fabricator make a new flat top plate and skirt (still may) and make into rear discharge but the cost of the brand new Deere deck was half of the cost of a bare "copy" deck from a local guy and in the UK makes future parts supply much easier.
  7. Hi , As I have been unable to find a replacement for my rotting 52" attach-a-matic deck in the UK I would welcome any advice on modifying a brand new JD 54c deck I have obtained. Looks like a good prospect by grafting on the lift arms from the old deck and double stacking the front pulley on the JD deck which should put the drive in the correct position. Will have a better opinion when I gett both decks together in the workshop ?.
  8. You need to check the gearing for the input and the ratio of the tach you have are compatible to get an accurate read of crankshaft rpm. Most mechanical bike tach's were driver from the timing chest so half c/s rpm and frequently driven by a flat link plate from a slot to the points drive with an external 90 degree gearbox . Much easier but maybe less satisfying to go down the route of an electronic tach which will measure the pulses from the H/T lead (if you are on petrol) ?.
  9. Eglijim

    Pictures of your 48" deck please

    Hi , Don't know if you got fixed up with belts but have always found the staff at " Bearing Boys" to be very helpful in sourcing belts and very reasonably priced. Have just about given up on trying to find a replacement 52" deck for my 520xi so we are about to try to fit a brand new 54" Deere 54c deck by swapping the lift brackets