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  1. wallter large

    Wheelhorse Pulleys

    do you still have any 1611 pulley .thanks walter
  2. wallter large

    Wheel Horse Steering Wheel.

    did you sell the steering wheel .I am waiting to hear from you . thanks walter
  3. wallter large

    Wheel Horse Steering Wheel.

    Jim this is walter checking back with you on steering wheel . did the other person buy it because I am ready. let me know something. thanks walter
  4. wallter large

    Wheel Horse Steering Wheel.

    ok . If he dont buy it let me know . walter
  5. wallter large

    Wheel Horse Steering Wheel.

    do you still have and does it take the pin threw the steering wheel. how much to ship to zip code 24501
  6. wallter large

    WH engine drive pulley #1621

    do you still have pulley
  7. wallter large

    32" deck

    do you still have deck and will you ship
  8. wallter large

    856 parts

    you are going to have tell me how to do that again.it disappeared I looked at it this morning and this afternoon it is gone . walter
  9. wallter large

    856 parts

    I have motors for mine .I wouldn't want to break up a complete tractor. I though it was a extra motor.
  10. wallter large

    856 parts

    just checking in . and far as the motor I am only interested in h60 motor .thanks walter
  11. wallter large

    856 parts

    for right now them parts are what I like to get . I would like to know what the deal is on the Tecumseh h60 motor. thanks walter
  12. wallter large

    856 parts

    yes I am
  13. wallter large

    856 parts

    do you still have the power take off parts and drive belt cover . thanks walter
  14. wallter large

    tractors and lots of parts

    this is walter I do not have a tiller you are sending your message to the wrong person
  15. do you still have a set of them tie rod and does 30.00 include shipping. thanks