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  1. wbarry

    new rubber

    Yeah, super swamper boggers are fun, aggressive tires. Had them on my Wrangler. They worked great in the mud and dirt.
  2. wbarry


    A local upholstery shop can also help you.
  3. Looks good! Worth your time and effort.
  4. wbarry

    A new pony comes home!

    Wow! That's a nice looking pony. Congrats.
  5. wbarry

    3 piece seat

    Still available? I'm interested. Thanks.
  6. Nice work! I like the flaming effect.
  7. wbarry

    Got my first wheel horse d160

    That's a nice looking tractor. Congrats! Good luck on restoring it.
  8. wbarry

    traded my bucket truck earlier

    Sounds like a good deal. NIce rig!
  9. Looking great. Keep the pics coming.
  10. wbarry

    Norwegian Rock Picker

    Nice picture. I love the background.
  11. wbarry

    New addition to the garage family

    That's a nice looking tractor. Congrats!
  12. wbarry

    just saying hi

    Hi guys! I saw the forum while searching for technical info about my 417A, and I decided to join. My name is Barry. So nice to be part of the community.