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  1. AlexC120

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    Pretty sure this photo was the inspiration for me getting the tires I did. Cool tractor!
  2. AlexC120

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    Deestone ag rear tires 23x10.5-12 people are right when they tell you these run small on width mine are in reality maybe a hair over 8 1/2 inches wide. I wanted more or less stock width so worked out great for me. Fronts are deestone 4.00x8 triribs Best rear photo I could find.
  3. AlexC120

    New forum user here

    New Paris by Goshen
  4. AlexC120

    New forum user here

    to Fellow Hoosier! Great looking horse
  5. AlexC120

    Key ignition issue

    There are a couple of things it could be for one there is often a safety switch for the brake petal so you have to depress the brake petal to start it the wiring for that could be faulty. Another problem that I had was one of the wires going to the voltimeter/ampimeter was loose and that caused the same problem of not starting.
  6. AlexC120

    Loading Shovel

    That is a really cool build Farmer! Its really well built by the looks of it! You could solve the drive wheel slippage one way though.... 4 wheel drive haha!
  7. I have definitely thought of that before and I am thinking about doing it more and more now. I have the tools to do wood work.
  8. Haven't really done anything in a while due to job changes and not having access to a welder. But pulled it out of the shed the other day and took a photo.
  9. AlexC120

    My first horse! C-100

    Nice tractor! And a good price!
  10. AlexC120

    Restore or not

    from New Paris. Nice tractor! I would say I would agree with what other people have said. This a great forum and you will get all the information and help you need.
  11. I saw that on FB marketplace as well price is up there at $750 though. Its worth it for the labor and material put in it.. Just hard to justify for something that is just for show.
  12. AlexC120

    So...Who got this deal???

    The title of this thread is "Who got this deal" So it seems like the intention was "Hope somebody from Redsquare got it" because in the end what matters is the tractors going to people who care about Enough negativity in the world, let this be the one place we can respect and be nice to each other.
  13. Haha that is a great idea! I just put some smoke bombs in the tunnels though.
  14. Haven't done much to the trailer need to get some time to weld it up but I had to take the trailer out of the garage and into the shed because my wife is doing a garage sale so i took a photo of it together. Forgive the grass.. Mole problem.