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  1. Shooter67

    Got her goin

    As you guys probably know, there are some parts that you just cant get anymore. I have OCD, this is very unfortunate because sometimes repro or used parts arent good enough (or at least I dont think so....Im working on it). The hardest things to find? Correct muffler and seat that has the WH logo on it
  2. Shooter67

    312-8 Pulley Wheel Question

    Its been years but i did it to my 312-8. Changed the rear only, to much of a headache to do the front engine pulley. I went down to a 4 inch pulley and it increased the speed quite abit! No major mods required. Hardest part was finding a belt but theyre easily had at Rural King and places like that nowadays. Went to my local mower shop and found the pulley new. Wasnt a WH part of course, not quite sure what it was actually made for haha
  3. Shooter67

    Got her goin

    I started the restoration in 2009. Had to stop (work and life) finally got it back together last week. It still needs some stuff here and there but the hardest stuff is done