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  1. Drydockboys9569

    GT 14 Snow Blower and Generator

    Changed Price to 250.00 Generator has been sold Snow blower only for sale $250.00 for Snow Blower only
  2. Drydockboys9569

    GT 14 Snow Blower and Generator

    35-inch Wheel Horse Snow Blower and Generator with mounting bracket. Tractor / snow blower and generator were purchased this past summer from a Maryland estate. I'm relocating and have no future use for the snow blower. Snow blower has had a very easy life. I used it once this year and it operated flawless. Auger bearings turn true and drive/ drive gear show no wear. Snow blower was attached to my GT 14 (see pictures ) You will get all the hardware required for mounting New bushings and rod were recently machined. I have not had the generator attached and can not verify it's condition Generator spins freely and I can get the volt meter to move... Shipping: I am willing to strap the snow blower and generator to a pallet for $40.00 and deliver it to a trucking depot for $2.00 / mile I am willing to deliver blower and generator within a 3 hour radius of State College, PA for 2.00 / mile More Pictures are available, please ask for specific shots
  3. Drydockboys9569

    Wheel Weights, NPT 18...

    70's GT 14..... Bolts for mounting interior wheel weights. Thread is a NPT -18.... I'm not certain as to how these weights mount. My thought, is to get a 4-inch bolt / washer / nut assembly. Mount bolt & washer on weight exterior / Hex head out on wheel exterior.... Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Hi,

    I have a GT 14 with a 6-992 Snow Blower.

    Cant seem to locate on Red Square diagram to mount blower to tractor.

    Please advise.