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  1. Chrisa4532

    (2) Wheelhorse Rototillers

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Chrisa4532

    (2) Wheelhorse Rototillers

    Changed Price to 260.00
  3. Chrisa4532

    (2) Wheelhorse Rototillers

    This is what I got off the data plates
  4. Chrisa4532

    (2) Wheelhorse Rototillers

    I’m at work right now I will get you model #s in a few hours. I can also drop it at a store, I have one right down the road.
  5. Chrisa4532

    (2) Wheelhorse Rototillers

    We are selling our (2) wheelhorse rototillers. These were purchased with our 417A but we never ended up using them. I was told at the time of purchase that the one was operational and the other is just leaking fluid. Both tillers are in good physical shape and have been stored inside. I have a box of accessories with these as well.
  6. I have a 417-A that I suspected had a bad battery (kept loosing a charge, went down to 10V after a few days after recharge). NAPA diagnosed it with bad cell and I got a new battery which reads 12.7 hooked up to the tractor. I hooked up the new battery and it fired up no problem. When I started the tractor the first time with the battery it charged up to 14.1V but when I turn it off it will not start right back up. The engine does not even attempt to turn over and the "Clutch Pedal" light will flash. If I wait 5 mins, I will be able to start the tractor up no problem. Anyone have any ideas what the issue could be?