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  1. Apical

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome, do you have many Wheelhorses in India?
  2. Apical

    New member from England

    Somerset Neil, bet you have never drunk any cider, nice part of the world. I think your right it does seem a good site for information. Stormin, what part of the Lakes you from, my mum used to live in Ambleside, love the Lakes, but you also have to love rain. Forgot to ask does anyone on the site have a 518-H?
  3. Apical

    New member from England

    Thanks chaps for the welcome. After the advise on the site, I have now fitted the new belt having first removed the mule drive. Also I have sorted out the leveling of the deck and it now cuts a lot better, the long threaded bolt that allows the front adjustment of the deck was quite loose, so it allowed the deck to move around, and if you hit a slight bump the affect was the blades missed section's of lawn. I am now enjoying using it. For the UK Wheelhorsers, "the rollers at the front of the deck, are they easy to buy in the UK, are they used on other makes". Thanks again.
  4. Apical

    New member from England

    Hello Garry, I have tried it three times and it keeps showing as failed to load PDF. I will keep trying, thanks.
  5. Apical

    New member from England

    Unfortunately Jim most of the post 78 motors had to take a loss in power due to your new regulations, I have seen some pretty powerful El Camino's at shows and drag races in the Uk. Nice AMC Craig. Quite a few friends of mine drive Ford Lightnings some down in the low 10's and even breaking into the 9's 1/4 mile. Always fancied a Charger or Challenger, mind you having driven my friends Tri Chev I quite fancy that as well. Thank you Garry that's kind of you to post the download, I will have a look at it, though my tensioner is in the centre front.
  6. Apical

    New member from England

    Thanks Ed, I do appreciate the advise given.
  7. Apical

    New member from England

    Thanks for that, I have dropped what you call a mule drive by pushing in the pin but wondered if there was a way without taking the mule apart (and nobody wants to dismember a mule, its cruel) but I will get out there tomorrow and try it. Any of the member here drive muscle cars because I am missing my 79 Trans Am, a BMW does not put the same smile on my face as an American muscle car. Doug.
  8. Apical

    New member from England

    Hello Garry, thanks for the reply. Its either 42 or 48 and side discharge, I will have to measure it. Garry, how many way are there to level up the deck, I can see the holes by the rear deck wheels that you drop it into lower holes to lower the back, but are there other methods? The site looks well laid out and easy to navigate. Doug.
  9. Hello folks, thanks for letting me on the forum. I have Just got hold of a 518-H that had stood in a barn for 3-4 years, with a change of fuel it started well. I have since replaced the solenoid, battery, air and fuel filter, spark plugs and now need to replace the V belt that goes from the mower deck to the drive pulley, does any of the members have an easy way of threading it through the front two pulleys near the tensioner to the drive pulley, any photos would be a great help, thank you in advance. The Wheelhorse machines look very well made. Doug.