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  1. In my experience(which is minimal) removing bolts didn't help speed the process. I didn't try filling through the shifter so I can try that next time, but I know the procedure i outlined above works much better than trying to pour directly out of the bottle into the dipstick tube.
  2. So I was searching around the internets for info on how to change the transmission oil on my B-60 and came across this thread. There's some great info here, but like others, i too struggled with how long it takes to refill the transmission with oil. Well, I came up with a solution that worked well for me, and figured i'd pass it along for others to try. This process save a LOT of time versus pouring it directly from the bottle. 1. Go to Harbor Freight and buy the three pick of 8 oz. plastic storage bottles (Item No. 66170) or similar. You only need one, but they only come in a 3-pack...you'll find a use for the two others at some point. 2. Snip about 1/8" off the tip of one of the twist-on caps. The more you snip off, the faster the oil will flow. I found that 1/8" or so worked pretty well and was still long enough to pass the narrow part of the fill tube. 3. Poke a small hole in the bottom of one of the bottles. This will allow air to escape as the oil drains in step 5. 4. Fill the bottle with oil. Be sure to cover the hole on the bottom of the bottle with your finger so the oil doesn't drip out. 5. Screw the top back on and dump the bottle into the fill hole on top of the transmission. The tip of the bottle is long and narrow enough to penetrate through the narrow piece of the fill tube, so it will drain pretty quickly. 6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 as necessary. Obviously you're going to want to check the level after each time the bottle is empty. Then maybe fill the bottle less when you're getting close to capacity. Hope this helps....like I said, it made the process a lot faster for me.