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  1. dhr5050

    How to get stud out?

    Hello everyone Below is a picture of a stud I can't remove. I was wondering if anybody has had this problem and how they dealt with it? Also, I think this is the 7/16 stud ( #104842)..not completely sure though because I can't find any pictures of it anywhere other than some detail lacking diagrams
  2. dhr5050

    Extra wires for same (newer) engine

    By swapping the charging system do you mean the stator?
  3. dhr5050

    Extra wires for same (newer) engine

    Its going on a 75 c100.. The spec no of the engine I'm putting on is 46863.
  4. dhr5050

    Extra wires for same (newer) engine

    So what do I do about the low oil shut off wire? And how do I find out which regulator I need?
  5. Hello everyone! I have decided to replace my K241s (needs rebuilt) with another newer k241s. Everything was going good until I figured out that my newer engine had extra wires. In the first photo I am holding a wire that my older engine doesn't have. I assume this wire is for some light or gauge that my lawn mower doesn't have. Therefore I wouldn't need it right? In the second photo I am holding a three prong wire adapter, which means three wires run into the adapter, however my old engine only has 2 wires running from it. According to my brief amount of researching I believe that the newer engine is from 1986 and possibly came off of a 310-8. Can anybody give Me advice on my conundrum?
  6. dhr5050

    non-K241AS engine that will swap into c-100

    So if I put a K241s oil pan on a K241AS then it will fit my C100 and essentially become a K241s? Is it feasible and easy to swap the oil pans? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get my horse up and running as fast as possible.
  7. I am looking for an engine that will easily swap into my C100 that is not the K241AS. Any suggestions?