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  1. Maybe utilize a head bolt to mount a strap that would be welded to the exhaust? I'll have to see my options once I get the motor in. Thanks for the ideas guys!
  2. I was thinking about that. Any ideas on how to brace it?
  3. I am in the process of restoring a 72 Raider 8 and decided I would beef it up a bit with a custom stack. Currently the motor is out of the tractor and am waiting for a rod, piston, cam shaft and bearing set. Motor was in total self destruct mode when the previous owner didn't check the oil 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️ So I made this stainless stack out of sch 5, 2 inch pipe and reduced to 1". Decided I didn't like to looks of threaded pipe so I found a couple valve parts to act as the flanges, and am going to weld the other flange to a threaded nipple and screw into the engine block. Let me know what you think! Trying to decide if I should leave it flat, mitre it or weld a turnout on it! Jake Also, I'm going to hold out for now until I can hear it run straight piped, but considering rolling a stainless screen down to 1" and packing gap between the stack and the screen with muffler packing. Has anyone else ever done this? Looking for ideas and comments are welcome! Jake
  4. Thank you sarge ! That was very useful! I have painted a couple boats with HVLP but never a finish that needs to shine! So this is where my questions come. I like your idea on starting with implements. I have a blade that could definitely use a new coat of fresh paint! Fortunately for me I do have a good understanding on harsh chemicals as I am a maintenance mechanic/machinist in a pharmaceutical plant! Made me grin a little bit but very very true! Some of the chemicals we deal with are out of this world, cyanide and phosgene just to name a few! And it's unreal the amount of harsh chemicals that are in our daily household products! Thank you for the tips, very helpful!
  5. JHorseman

    GT 14 RestoMod

    Where did you find those front tires and what was the price on them? Looking for tri rib but those look nice too!
  6. I think I just got lucky and found a good one! It's even original paint! thank you! I am new to this site and still trying to find my way but it seems to be very beneficial! I got lucky and found a pretty good raider despite the broken piston and rod, but the sheet metal is all In very good condition and wNt to do my best to make sure that I don't ruin it with a bad paint job!
  7. Hey all, i recently picked up a Raider 8 and and Charger 12 to add to my small but growing collection. Both need restored including paint and I have never had much painting experience when it comes to auto paint. Can someone give me some helpful tips on prep , like if i need to strip it to bare metal or not and what colors to use? As well as how to mix the paint with hardener and clear coat. Thank you in advance!