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  1. The problem is the guy wants $100 for a really clean 607 only missing a deck. I do have an extra one tho the wife wouldn't like
  2. When I was looking at it I believe it has a 6hp kohler
  3. Hey everyone I am new here and just picked up my first Horse. I am in the process of restoring it and need a few parts I have a 1968 commando 8 I was driving around in rural Indiana and came across a mower salvage yard they have a wheel horse 607 in great shape. I am curious if the drive belt cover from the 607 will fit my command 8. I looked at both owners manual and both part numbers are different but they are both short frame tractors I know other models have the same part number that will work any help will be appreciated. Pictures below are from when I got it last year and the other is almost restored.