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  1. UncleJerm76

    HY--2 cylinder

    This worked like a charm!!! I put a couple layers of rags between it and vise so nothing would get scratched. It was just press fit in, then like you said when you thread in the elbows for the hoses that keeps it from coming back apart. Very simple love it. Thanks a bunch for the excellent suggestion!
  2. UncleJerm76

    NLA Parts Made to Order.

    I got it apart! Now how do I get in touch with you to send you the measurements and get a shipped quote for a reproduction shaft?
  3. UncleJerm76

    Tombstone Weight value

    ...remind me again why your counting?
  4. Wow, just wow. We tried walking it, pushing a stroller with my 2yr old, he loved every minute of it! One of the vendors saw him and promptly opened a brand new tiny tractor from its package and gave it to him. That was my saving grace as when he got a little bored he would push his new tractor around the cup holders lol. We arrived about 10am and left about 5pm from pure exhaustion. My phone said I pushed the stroller through the sand and grass for 6 miles, but it felt like 20. And get this, we only covered about 1/2 of the entire show, it was huge. Crazy part is the vendors were talking about how small it is compared to the Feb show. I can’t imagine ever being able to cover everything in one day. I will be going back in February with a golf cart or ATV!!!! It’s the only way to not get worn out. The tractor parade was awesome. The vendors were awesome too. No complaints. Watching those antiques do the tractor pull was fun too. I did locate a 701 belt guard that was mounted on a 702, but after talking with the owner and hinting around, I got the feeling he isn’t ready to part with it even though it’s not correct for his horse. I was told on several occasions that a lot more WH’s come in Feb during the “big show” so I’ll be back. I didn’t take many pictures, even fewer WH pics but look at this funky thing I found! Notice the drive belt jack shaft! Looks like it could be on an 854 frame??
  5. UncleJerm76

    Tombstone Weight value

    Count me in on an aluminum repop, but I'm curious about something nobody has mentioned yet, shipping!?!?!
  6. It's a long drive for me so I can only make it one-day, but I'm going to try and locate a 701 drive belt cover or something that most sellers won't ship, like a 4-wheel wagon or tombstone weight. Fingers crossed Having never been been I have no idea which day to go - if any are better than others for parts hunt'n Even if I don't find what I'm going for still looking forward to spending some time with my dad and seeing the big hit-and-miss tractors and engines with the giant fabric belts. Those things are awesome.
  7. Just curious, anyone going to flywheelers show down in Florida this weekend? As far as I know, I think it's the best swap meet to find Wheel Horse parts & tractors at any show for us Floridians, don't you agree?
  8. UncleJerm76

    Wheel Horse 4 wheel wagon

    I can’t see the tongue, is it intact? Also does it have the plate?
  9. UncleJerm76

    702 and 753

    Are you wiling to part with the 702 drive belt guard?
  10. UncleJerm76

    HY--2 cylinder

    How much PSI finally broke it free? ...and how did you keep it from shooting across the room?
  11. UncleJerm76

    HY--2 cylinder

    Thank you for the great suggestions, I will try tonight!
  12. UncleJerm76

    Wheel Horse Black Hood Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

    Is this still available?
  13. UncleJerm76

    NLA Parts Made to Order.

    Yes I believe it is 1/2", I cannot visually see a weld anywhere on the cylinder front or rear end-caps - so I wonder why it is considered "non-repairable" by the service Bulletins? I read on another post here where someone mentioned it was all held together once the elbows for the hoses were threaded in, and that made sense since I cant find welds or end-cap threads. I'll keep trying and get back to you as soon as I can make some progress, I don't want to turn your thread into a troubleshooting session for me, just happy you are available to make new shafts and hopefully put an end to this money pit of a accessory I have called hydraulics! LOL
  14. UncleJerm76

    '61 Rock shaft removal tips needed

    😂, no not for paint, I need to remove my manual lift and install a new rock shaft for my HY-2 lift!
  15. UncleJerm76

    NLA Parts Made to Order.

    Neither a clip nor screwed in. Not welded either, looks like it was held together by the hose elbows that screw into the pump! It’s an old HY-2 system that’s on my 701 and I can’t get it apart.