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  1. Bruce01

    Cool colour

    Hi all I have a 612 Z zero turn and my coil needs to be replaced I have a new one my question is I have three wires going to it two are black one is red but on the wiring diagram it says yellow so I would like to know if the to black wires go to earth and then red go’s to positive please let me know thanks
  2. Bruce01

    Need help

    Yes I have it thank you
  3. Bruce01

    Need owners manual

    Thank you so much this is exactly what I needed now I can unlock the transmission and push into the shed and do a rebuild on i was given it so I’m going to give it a massive overall because i know it was a great mower if I have any problems or questions I will have a look on here and hopefully all you wonderful people might be able to help me so once again thank you
  4. Bruce01

    Need help

    Hi all can someone please help me I have a zero turn mower model Y116OE01 the transmission is stuck i would like to know how I can move it by hand so I can push it into my shed so i can repair it i don’t know if it has a release pin or lever or something that can make the transmission free so I can push the mower any help will be very appreciated thanks
  5. Bruce01

    Need owners manual

    Hi all I’m new and I’m hoping someone could help me I’m after a owners manual for a Y116OE01 model zero turn mower because i can not move it manually or if someone could tell me how to release the transmission so I can move it thank you