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  1. Graydon

    GT-14 Three Point Hitch

    I'm looking for a complete three point hitch assembly for my GT-14. If there is anyone who would like to fabricate a copy for me I would also be interested. Graydon
  2. Graydon

    48” cutting deck spindles

    I am trying to restore a 48” cutting deck for a GT-14, however, I’m one spindle short of a complete deck. I believe it’s the slightly longer spindle of the three, for the main drive pulley, however, any 16mm diameter spindles would be desirable. can anybody help locate any of these parts? Many thanks, Graydon Ive managed to locate a replacement in North America, job done!
  3. Graydon

    GT-14 Three point hitch

    I am looking for a "Three Point Hitch" for a GT-14, if at all possible complete. Thanks in advance. Mower Rotary 42in SD 1968 5-1421 OM IPL (1).pdf
  4. Welcome to my second Wheel Horse Project, the GT-14. To date Ive now managed to get the tractor running sweetly, with everything else now working as it should. The cutting deck, however, is going to need some serious TLC. Here in the UK, its very difficult, if not near impossible to find parts, so any help would be appreciated. For the tractor, I'm currently looking for a steering wheel. For the cutting deck I need new bearings and blades, plastic rollers and one replacement shaft.
  5. Some fat old baldy bloke has "nicked" my tractor and has been cutting grass!!!!, lol
  6. I can see you've put lots of time and effort in to your creation, looking very good. You might want to incorporate a starter solenoid between your key switch and the starter motor, outherwise you will burn out your key switch.
  7. I've used a motorcycle battery, works well, no problems.
  8. That's the tractor finished at last, time to continue with the re-build of the cutting deck.
  9. Hi I'm looking for a decent pair of Raider 14 rear wheel hubs, 1-1/8" diameter
  10. That's from my teenage years as a biker, it's a "cut off", worn over the top of a motorcycle leather jacket.
  11. This is my Raider 14. I purchased in October of this year from West Wales. It had been standing unused for at least twelve years. Over the last twenty years or so I've restored a number of motorcycles from the 1970's, however, this is my first garden tractor project. I purposely chose a Wheel Horse, as they seemed to be one of the better vintage garden tractors from the 1970's era. Once the restoration has been completed, hopefully by March 2018, its then my intension to use the tractor and mower in connection with my little business. If I can achieve a decent restoration I would also like to consider showing. Starting off from a non-running restoration project, its certainly so far been quite a challenge and a learning curve for myself. The main issues I've had, have been finding out that just about everything wasn't working, being worn out and broken, has been trying to find a reasonable supplier of spares here in the UK. Although I've recently posted the progress in another area on this site, It has been suggested to me to start a new thread here. From the original post, I would like to thank you everyone for your offers of help and support I've had to date, its been much appreciated.
  12. Hi Ken,

    I see your in Lymington, not very far from myself, as I'm actually located on your side of the Southampton water.

  13. Graydon

    Hello From Southampton, UK

    Hi, These are my first posts on here, so I'm fumbling around in the dark a little. I'm not too sure how to start a new thread, or where it should be done. Thank you for the complements. I could have taken it to be shot blasted and powder coated, however, in my mind it wouldn't then be my own work. I would like to keep my Raider near to original as possible (except for the cigar lighter socket), fortunately I managed to unfold the top seam on the muffler. I was then able to install a new perforated stainless steel baffle pipe together with new wadding.
  14. Graydon

    Hello From Southampton, UK

    A Big thank you to everyone for your offers of help and support, its very much appreciated. I've posted some photos of my raider 14, starting from when I purchased on October 8th 2017 up to the present day. She did initially look in reasonable condition, however, hadn't been used in over twelve years. Although she looked reasonable, time, negligence, combined with the damp welsh climate had taken its toll, so absolutely nothing functioned. The only bonus was the engine did turn over freely by hand and had compression. The "toe out" on the front wheels was so excessive, it was near impossible to push her up into my van. Hopefully now fitted with new adjustable tie rods and new front wheel bearings, there should be a vast improvement. I'm not going to bore everyone with a complete list of all the repairs so far to date, however, I did manage to save a considerable amount of money by dismantling the starter solenoid and repairing the inner workings. This past week or so, I've been completely stripping the cutting deck and have welded all the cracks, splits and unwanted holes in the cowling. I've also needed to order all new cutter bearings and spindles, plus a new drive belt. Unfortunately yesterday the carburettor had decided to start flooding, the big worry being fuel pouring on to a hot exhaust! Then to top that the starter motor packed up! Luckily, only new brushes needed. Can I buy any in the UK? not a chance, I did however, managed to find some in the US on EBay, although, the shipping was more than the cost of the brushes. Unfortunately, I managed to ruin the nice new paint on the starter motor, very annoying. IMG_2276.MOV