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  1. DBlackston

    My 856 Project

    I bet you could also find a member to ahift it for you for the fee of mailing it there and back. Alot of helpful people here!
  2. DBlackston

    H60 leaking oil out of Breather

    Thank you for those links! I will print them off for grandpa and I to look through.
  3. DBlackston

    H60 leaking oil out of Breather

    Hello, I purchased a 653 for my Grandfather to restore and it has the Tecumseh H60 on it. Motor is not installed in tractor currently. Here is a photo of both the tractor and the motor tag. It is leaking oil out of the breather. We believed it to be due to a faulty breather flap not closing and replaced it with a new unit from Jacks Small Engine. Here is a photo of the old breather we replaced. However it still is leaking oil. Mind you this is with the motor not running, merely turning it over with the starter. With the breather removed you can see the oil mist is coming from a channel that leads down into the crank case. The motor does not have bad compression suggesting bad rings, it held 90psi for over 24hrs when checked with a compression tester. Can anyone suggest why so much oil mist would be coming from the crank and how to remedy the situation? Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. DBlackston

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    So you you still run implements in the center along with this loader? Such as a belly blade or cultivator? I see why you said an HY-3 wouldnt fit now due to the loader attaching to the axle. Unfortunate!
  5. DBlackston

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Followed! Excited to watch this one!
  6. DBlackston

    704 Rebuild

    Hope to get back to the tractor soon. There were practically blizzard like conditions outside today with snow and up to 60mph gusts. I made snow inside by making a mess of the kitchen cutting styrofoam for the garage doors. The wife just laughed at me and my staticky mess. But they are insulated now. Time to find a heater and seal up the walkthrough door a little better then it should be tolerable enough to work out there.
  7. Hello all, The starter generator on my 854 was weak when I purchased it. It died soon there after. I took it off and attempted to take it apart, but have never worked on one and ran into an issue. I was attempting to remove the armature and could not get the armature out of the winding. It felt like it was hanging up on something and I did not want to break anything attempting to take it apart. I decided to blow it out as best I could as it was fairly dirty and reassemble it. Alot of carbon came out. It ran great and much faster for a few times but quickly died again. I have since bought a rebuild kit and plan on working on it again. I have a few questions: 1) What do you think it was hung up on and how do I get it out? 2) What kind of cleaner don you recommend I use to clean the inside of the starter? 3) How do you install the new brushes. From what I have read you can't solder them as they are too large. What do you guys do? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. DBlackston

    704 Rebuild

    I work for an aircraft engineering and machining company. Typical job shop. I work specifically in the tooling department as a weld inspector and quality inspector. My roles vary though as needed. I dabble in the engineering side of things. I used to be a shop lead there on night shift and before that I was a machinist and painter on the floor.
  9. DBlackston

    What do you have for a workbench?

    I work out of a 2 car garage with no workbench currently. It drives me nuts not too have one but I just dont have the space, nor do I have the garage finished to a point I want to start filling it up with more permenant items. Currently working on fixing the walls and then going to paint the floor. Insulation for the garage doors arrived last week. Need to add water and more electrical outlets. With that said when I get an actual shop built my table will go in it. It will never go in the garage. I picked this behemoth up for free as it was being scrapped. Weighs north of 3000lbs. Approx 3 foot by 10 foot. 2" top. A funny story about me getting this table, when I went to pick it up I wanted to transport it on its top. The junk bolted to the top was quickly removed and I went to flip it over. Not wanting to roll it over on the concrete and damage the table or concrete I attempted to push it over with the forklift. I was hoping to roll it 90° pick it up put it on the concrete and then flip it off the concrete another 90°. It slipped off of the forks of the (underated) forklift and rolled into the grass a full 180° and about 4ft off the concrete. To get it back off on the concrete I had approx 3-4" of fork under the table, and the front wheels were almost off the concrete edge trying to drag it back up on the concrete. We got it back on concrete though in short order. Unloading it was a different story. I had asked my dad to unload it at my property so that it could be stored for a later date. When he tried to lift it with his 90hp case loader it just started to squat the front tires and lift the rear. A different plan was hatched and we placed some steel tubing runners for the table to sit on in the area we wanted the table to end up. We then placed lengths of steel tubing under the table that stuck out 4 or 5 feet over the edge of the trailer and would (hopefully) pivot down to the area we placed the runners on the ground. We pulled the table off and it worked perfectly. Sliding down our pivoting runners and onto the runners on the ground. My only hope, and plan, is that when I get a shop built I will have the building company move the table in on the concrete pad before they erect the building. Although I have moved this table before, and it moves reletively well on 3 car jacks with 2-3 people pushing.
  10. DBlackston

    704 Rebuild

    Haven't made alot of progress today since it is a Holiday. Snatched up a decent pallet to put my implements on so that they won't rust away into the dirt. I think we are in for a wet winter and wanted to keep them out of the dirt until I get rock put in around the shed.
  11. DBlackston

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Awesome find D.J.!
  12. DBlackston

    704 Rebuild

    Had some time today so I started working on a model of the front weight. I am too cheap to buy one. Going to see if a local casting company can make me one or two if not I will mill one out. @squonk really helped me out on the dimensions! The letters are the hardest part, they will take some time to get even and properly positioned. I just threw them in there today haven't started to critique them.
  13. DBlackston

    704 Rebuild

    Pullstart, I plan on purchasing this material to manufacture a new tab. I do not need the 3ft piece but plan on using it for some other odds and ends. It comes with rounded edges and should be able to be bent to match the old bracket.
  14. DBlackston

    HY-3 Drive Pulley

    I am in need of an HY-3 pulley for the motor shaft. Smaller 2-1/2" pulley. See picture for reference. P/N 4811