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  1. Dave Warren

    1960 550 suburban

    I've uncovered # 32 on the throttle plate. Wondering if that's my serial number
  2. Dave Warren

    Suburban Tranny Carnage

    ill post some pics soon lol
  3. Dave Warren

    Suburban Tranny Carnage

    Correct sir. I need the front left axle/spindle assembly. The front left tire just rusted off in two.
  4. 413 626 1908 call or text 

  5. Dave Warren

    Suburban Tranny Carnage

    I have a 1960 550 suburban. Great shape but of course I need front tires and 1 axle/ entire spindle assembly. Any help would appreciated
  6. Dave Warren

    Wheel Horse suburban

    Can you provide a cell # ? Would like to discuss a few parts etc. thanks Dave
  7. Dave Warren

    1960 400 Suburban Wheelhorse

    Still for sale?
  8. Dave Warren

    1960 Suburban with snow plow

    Is the suburban still available? Can you provide a cell number. Thanks