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  1. Awesome pictures, I love the metal flake on that Suburban!
  2. Hey guys, I just recently picked up a parts RJ for really short money. Its at least 50% there but I mostly wanted the tool box and the mowing deck. The deck is in really good condition, the blades all turn freely and it has just a small hole I will need to patch. I will post pictures of the find later but my question is, will this mowing deck fit onto my 551? I'm really hoping it will because I finally found all the parts I needed and now I can start the restoration on it, and I would really like to use the deck if I could. If it can are there any pictures or diagrams that I could use to figure out how it will mount? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  3. Joeputz

    Trailer tuesday

    Here’s mine, 551 is still a work in progress.
  4. Joeputz

    *Wanted* 551 tool box

    Hi guys, looking for a tool box for my 1961 551 project. I do already have a tool box and a few sets of fenders, just all for the wrong year. Let me know, thanks.
  5. Joeputz

    Need some Help

    Great looking tractor, I love the look of the old round hoods. I have a 551 I'm redoing now and I bought a steering wheel from this website for mine, https://www.steinertractor.com/GTS002-steering-wheel The best places I've been able to find parts for my project have been either the classifieds here on Red Sqaure or ebay. Good Luck with your project!
  6. Joeputz

    *Wanted* 551 Smooth Fenders

    Changed Status to Pending
  7. Joeputz

    *Wanted* 551 Smooth Fenders

    Hi guys, looking for a set of the smooth tool box fenders for my 1961 551 project. I already have a tool box and fenders, but they have the ribs rolled in them. Would really like a set of the smooth ones. Let me know, thanks.
  8. Joeputz

    Transmission Shifter Question

    I actually just picked one up from member on here last week, along with a 702 belt guard that my grandfather needed. I really appreciate all the help you guys give here, this is such a friendly and great site.
  9. Joeputz

    Transmission Shifter Question

    Thanks guys for the quick replys. Ill look and see if I can find any unidrive shifter then, and if need be i can try to reshape it. Ill definetly be using that thread stevasaurus has on the disassembly and bearing replacement too thank you for that post.
  10. Hey guys, I had a question about transmission shifter's for my project. I searched the sight and could not find any info regarding my question. I have a 1961 551 Suburban that I'm trying to do an as close as possible restoration on. I have two, two piece transmissions for it but, I'm missing both gear shift levers. I was wondering if a different model wheel horse gear shifter could be used, if I was able to bend it into the shape I need using pictures. I cant seem to find a shift lever anywhere and I was wondering if this is something anyone else has had to do before. Any help would be great.
  11. Joeputz

    Can anyone help identify my horse?

    Great thank you for the quick response on it being a 551 model. Im glad at least now I know what model number parts to chase down Once I get all the parts together ill try to post a few completed pics. Thanks so much for the help
  12. Joeputz

    Can anyone help identify my horse?

    Thanks guys for the welcomes. Another hopefully quick question does that transmission seem right for my horse. I bought a 3 piece transmission because I thought thats what would be more period correct. If not ill save it for maybe another project. Thanks for the quick replies
  13. Hi guys, Im new to the sight and probably asking an annoying question that many before me have as well, but my grandfather left me an old wheel horse as a project to restore. I got told it was a 1961 but I dont know which model. I checked all over for a serial number but I cant seem to find anything. Looking at pictures On google and here on the sight I think its a 1961 401. I have bought parts that corespond with a 401 but I dont know if anything I have is right. I know the motors wrong its off a go kart. I did buy a kohler k91 motor that Im redoing for the tractor it seams like thats the motor everyone uses on any tractor that looks like mine. Some help identifying the model would be great so I have a better idea what im shopping for thanks guys