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  1. Vintner

    Do I need wheel weights?

    Thanks for all the responses! Sorry, no digi cam @ the moment. I will do a better search here for ideas on adding weight to the front tires as well as look for some Nama wheel weights. My blade mounts @ the back of the tractor, & my front tires look pretty new. Here is a link another thread I did here w/pix of my tractor back when I had a working camera.
  2. Oh Man! I'm lovin' my Wheel Horse! I bought it last summer, but didn't really get much chance to use it the rest of 2017 except to mow the grass a few times & haul some firewood. I'm not sure of the year because I can not find a model number on it anywhere. I know the engine is from 1984 or maybe it was 86. Anyway, it came with a plow blade that I was told wasn't "exactly" the one designed for this model. The blade & it's components were in poor condition, & it took some minor fabricating & finagling to attach it to the tractor & get it working (semi) properly. Still needs some tweaking. The blade has 3 settings, angled left, angled right, & strait. If it's important, there are no hydraulics involved. My problem is this: When I'm plowing snow with the blade @ an angle, the front tires (steering) are useless. The tractor only pushes up against the pile of snow that I want to move further over left or right. I'm not talking a lot of snow either. Maybe 7-8" of powdery, fluffy snow. No matter that the tires are steering to the left, the tractor just goes strait, pushing up against the pile of snow & moving it over mere inches @ best. I'm wondering if I need to put some weight on the front of the tractor, or bigger tires or better traction??? The front tires look like they have little wear on them. I have chains on the back tires, &that isn't sliding around any. Sorry if this isn't enough information. I'm new here & to lawn tractors as well. So I'm not real familiar with what info to gather when making an inquiry like this.
  3. Vintner

    Model #

    Thanks for that info TunaHead. The label on the frame under the engine is smeared beyond recognition from trying to get the paint off. I've been over this machine with a fine tooth comb. There is nothing else on it resembling a model * serial # label or plate except for the one on the mower deck.
  4. Vintner

    Model #

    Better dash pix. You notice there is no engine hours meter. & IDK what the little toggle labeled "test" under the choke is for. The 4th pic is the little tag I mentioned earlier on the arm that goes out to the left front tire. Now that I'm seeing it in daylight, I think it's upside down & actually reads "4706"? The last pic is the label that was painted over on the frame of the mower under the fly wheel of the engine. There is a label for model & serial # on the deck. There is nothing resembling a label anywhere near or around the seat.
  5. Vintner

    Model #

    The on line kohler owners manual says my engine was made in 1986. I'll try to get some better pix in the sunlight tomorrow. Thanks again for the help. Wish someone would lend Aaron Rogers a hand tonight.
  6. Vintner

    Model #

    Thanks for all the help & support! I did not think to use the numbers off the engine. Good idea! I'll try to get closer pix of the dash & sides as well.
  7. Vintner

    Model #

    Thanks for the welcomes! What exactly do you want a pic of? Yes it's an 8 speed. Sorry I forgot to include that in my 1st post, though IDK what hydro means.
  8. Brand new here. Don't know if this is the correct place in this forum for this question. Recently bought a large piece of property out in the country. Found a refurbished WH on craigslist for a good price w/the attachments I was looking for. My first big problem is that I'm pretty sure the prior owner painted over the model & serial # sticker when he was refurbishing it. I tried a bit of paint thinner, but that ate away everything that was written on the sticker. This is the first lawn tractor/riding mower I've ever owned, so please forgive my ignorance. I don't know what info is needed to help me come close to what year it is. It has a 10hp Kohler engine. The gas tank is under the seat. A mule drive. I has a rear discharge deck, but I'm not sure this is original. When you're sitting on the tractor, the sticker I mentioned is on the left side of the frame under the flywheel to the motor. On the front of the left axle there's a very small metal plate (1/2" x 3/4") it's painted over, but I'm pretty sure it has "901v" stamped onto it. I will try to get it out of my dark basement & get some pix up when it stops raining.