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  1. GeneC120


    The trailer hitch is bolted to a bit of 3x2" wood. Heres some more pic's.
  2. GeneC120


    Well went and power washed the c120 yesterday, it looks better for it. Any idea what the attachment is on the back. You mean these things are a bonus and thanks for the welcome
  3. GeneC120


    Wood gone now, the fuel pump is not connected and I don't know whats under the cover. Will have a look Sunday and get some pic's, when its had all the crud washed off. Need to find out what the attachment is or was on the rear and get the weights off the rear wheels.
  4. GeneC120


    Heres a pic (not the best) but how it was when we picked it up
  5. GeneC120


    Thats great 953 nut, need to get this one sorted before I find another. I will post some pic's of it at the weekend, as I hope to have it home (on my mum's drive at the minute). Thanks again
  6. GeneC120


    Thanks for the welcome guy's, been having a look around and there's at lot of info that's for sure. I normally work on bike's so hoping its not to dissimilar to work on. It's my first WH (tractor) and my granddaughter has claimed it already, so may not be my last.
  7. GeneC120


    Hi all, New here Im from Cheshire UK. Just got a barn find 1977 C120 that I plan to restore, so will be asking lot of questions. Cheers Gene