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  1. Steve_O

    520H shuts off and 60" deck issues

    this is where the fuse block used to be (part# 67-7160). I'd replace the fuse block.
  2. Steve_O

    312-8 pricing

    Thanks. The asking price is in line with the numbers above.
  3. Steve_O

    312-8 pricing

    I've come across a garage kept, very low hour 312-8, with a 42" deck and a cart. All very clean. What is a fair price for each; tractor, deck and cart?
  4. Steve_O

    341 kohler acr

    So could you check compression by spinning flywheel backwards?
  5. Steve_O

    341 kohler acr

    Will the ACR function if you spin the crank backwards?
  6. Steve_O

    1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    Check the white writing on the left floorboard in first and third photo
  7. Steve_O

    Cab LED Lights

    Thanks. This is what I was looking for.
  8. Does anyone have a specific make and model of LED pod or light bar that they would recommend based on first hand experience? This would be for a snow cab. I'm not looking for Rigid ($$$) quality, maybe $30-$50 price range.
  9. Steve_O

    PTO Clutch Pressure

    Is there a procedure for setting the proper spring force on the PTO clutch? I'm interested in both a 520H and a C161, if the difference in mechanism drives a different procedure.
  10. Thanks Here's a link to the manual on another site: http://www.wfmfiles.com/download/Tecumseh-Peerless_Motion_Drive_System_-_Transmissions_&_Differentials(691218).pdf
  11. Thanks Kurt, Do you have a link to the manual? I've only found the parts list.
  12. How much gear oil does the right angle gear box in a two stage blower take? (79361 blower / peerless 1000-014 gearbox). Is this a' turn it up on end and fill to the top' deal, or 'leave horizontal and fill to drain plug deal?' (maybe 5/16" depth). Manuals are silent on this, or I have reading comprehension challenges. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/file/4093-gearbox-snowthrower-peerless-1000-014-iplpdf/ http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/file/2563-snowthrower-44in-1996-1998-2-stage-79361-om-ipl-snpdf/
  13. There is a 520H transaxle for sale in north west Connecticut crag's list.
  14. Steve_O

    Loaded tires

    I fit 12 gallons between front and rear.
  15. Steve_O

    Loaded tires

    I've got a new to me C-161 (hydrostatic). It has rear cast iron wheel weights that I estimate to be around 150 lbs combined based on external dimensions. Primary use will be snow clearing, pushing a 54" plow. Is there any reason I should not also load the tires? It currently has ag tires. I don't plan to add chains until I see how it does without. I'm also working on a 520h w/ two stage blower for deep stuff. So the 161 would be more for light snow or slushy cleanup.