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  1. Joseph Cubells

    D160 part out

    Hi Dan: I am looking for the transaxle part 4-29A (#101887)-- it is the large bull gear attached to the spindle gear. Do you have this part? I would be interested in the whole transaxle if you have not broken it down (I have been told it is a lot of work to break this down). Please let me know. Thanks, Joe C
  2. Joseph Cubells

    Transaxle part for D-200 wanted

    I am looking for part 4-29A (or 101887 on the parts list). It is a bull gear from the transaxle of a D-200 from the mid-1970s. I would even be willing to buy an entire transaxle if it is in good working condition.
  3. Hi RL--  a couple of months ago, you and I were talking on another feed, and you mentioned you might have a bull gear, part 4-29A (or 101887 on one of the parts warehouse sites), which is a 46-tooth gear that goes into the D200 transaxle, among others.  Any chance you still have that.  Another forum member thought he had the part, but it turned out it was a 43- rather than a 46-tooth gear.  Please let me know when you have a minute.




    Joe C

    1. R. L. Addison

      R. L. Addison

      Will check it out.  Ron

  4. Joseph Cubells

    D200 trans axle

    Thank you-- let me check with Skip at the shop about the re-drilling. I found on Ebay a set of transaxle components from a C-161. The picture looks like the part I need, but there are no part #s listed, so I cannot really tell-- does anyone know if the transaxle from te C-161 is comparable to the D-200?
  5. Joseph Cubells

    D200 trans axle

    Well, Pacer had it exactly right-- a bolt came loose and got chewed up by the gears-- what a mess (see pic). The guys at Manchester Power House have pulled the transaxle apart-- the 46-tooth gear, part 4-29A (or 101887 on one of the parts warehouse sites) has some chipped teeth. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? It is a discontinued part.
  6. Joseph Cubells

    D200 trans axle

    Thanks again-- I will need to show this to the guys in the shop... this work is way beyond my pay grade!
  7. Joseph Cubells

    D200 trans axle

    Wow-- You all are awesome-- thanks for all the tips-- I will need to show this discussion to the guys at the shop-- no way I would try this on my own! So I saw in one post that some folks re-drill the bolt holes and replace them with heavier duty ones-- is this advisable? Thanks again, Joe