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  1. Joe Cubells

    D200 trans axle

    Well, the trans axle has leaked oil for a long time, but was slow enough just to be a minor nuisance, until over the summer while I was mowing the wheels locked- would turn about one revolution fwd or bkwd whether under power or after opening the push valve and pushing- but then that problem suddenly gave way when I tried a lot of back and forth with the drive lever. Then the oil leak got a lot worse- so much so that it was not possible to keep it full for any length of time. Brought to to a good shop, and they told me it was the transaxle. Have been looking for a replacement since August. I read another post here that leads me to believe I may have fractured the case by jamming a loose bolt against it :(.
  2. Joe Cubells

    D200 trans axle

    My 1975 D200 needs a replacement or rebuild of its rear trans axle- does anyone out there know where I can find one, or a shop that can do a rebuild? thanks, Joe C