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  1. bobbyboy39

    Kohler Courage 22 no spark

    Red is battery. Green is ground. Yellow is magneta. Red and black is accessory. Orange is whatever is left
  2. bobbyboy39

    Kohler Courage 22 no spark

    someone tried to steal it several years ago. so I've been steady cranking it with a screwdriver sense. I finally pushed the bottom plum out of the switch and it broke. so I'm wearing the red, red and black, yellow and orange wires together. grounding the green wire and Crossing out the cylinoide. no spark at the spark plug. it was running fine when I cut it off it is a 2007 Troy Bilt zero turn mower with a Kohler Courage 22 motor on it
  3. bobbyboy39

    Kohler Courage 22 no spark

    the switch went out in my lawn mower and it'll be four days before I can get another one in I've tried straight wire in it and I'm not getting any Spark