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  1. Brian Anderson

    BA’s 653

    That’s my right hand man always there to help and see what’s going on. He loves finding shed deer antlers and so do I lol...
  2. Brian Anderson

    BA’s 653

    Rear end was full of chocolate milk after draining that and filling it full of diesel fuel and swishing it around got most of the gunk out. Replaced axel seals thanks again to red square current parts numbers and suggestions on how to made it a breeze. So after getting the gas tank figured out and sealed up I painted the frame, lift handle amd center tower. Here is a pic of how it looked before tires and rims were painted
  3. Brian Anderson

    BA’s 653

    So the whole spit gas tank thing was new to me but the guys on red square got me hooked up with a gasket and some high tack seal that worked wonderful
  4. Brian Anderson

    BA’s 653

    So I had to try the hood first since it is a focal point right. Might as well try my hand at restoring the most prelevent thing first correct? After the hood the tear down of the rest of the tractor started. Plenty of pics to help with reassembly.
  5. Brian Anderson

    BA’s 653

    So it started my son has an 1969 electro 12 that he calls his tractor. It is as time for my daughter to have this 653. I have never restored anything thought it would be something good to start with. Here are pics of the hood before and after wire wheeling and primer and paint
  6. Bought this tractor from it’s second owner last August. His dad actual owned a wheel horse deal in western PA. Said that his dad brought this home new from the dealer and had been in family ever since. Engine isn’t original it was replaced in 1968 with another Tecumseh 6hp. Got the tractor, mower deck and dozer blade for $300. Wanted a round nose and just had to have it.
  7. Brian Anderson

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I don’t have a thread started in the tractor till have to gather up the pictures and get one going it hasn’t been a year yet but getting close Labor of love. My wife may not think but I sure do lol
  8. Brian Anderson

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Just finished mounting rebuilt and painted engine to the 653. And it fired up as well (bonus.) Restoration almost complete. My daughter is ready to go needless to say. Another snowy day in PA tomorrow. Going to bring mower deck down and get it ready. Does anyone happen to know what size the belt is from the motor to the deck on 653?
  9. Brian Anderson

    Electro 12 engine pulley

    I have an extra manual clutch laying around if would have any interest. I have an electro 12 with a manual set up on it.
  10. I will see you there. I will not be bringing any of my horses this year. I have a 653 in pieces for a full restoration and an electro 12 that I will be bringing to the show next year. Me and the kiddos will be sure to stop by and say hi.
  11. Would this happen to be the upcoming Delmont Apple festival?