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  1. Sarry it has taken me this long to get back to all of you. Jimmy Jam, the front axil is 3/4" I.D. X 5" O.A.L from the face of the wisher that is welded to the axil to the snap ring groove. Daddy Don, Thanks for the welcome Chis G , I will be posting a want add here and other places, Got some leads to go on. My thanks to all of you for your help Joe
  2. steelsmith

    WTB 400 parts

    Looking for some parts for a model 400 suburban, 1) would like a reporduced lever control cover plate. saw a post about someone that was/had made some up but I could not find contact info for him. 2) would like a set of front wheels for a 400, the ones I have have the wrong off set to them, Thanks Joe
  3. I have a 1960 model 400 that at some point in time had the front wheels and tires changed out, the wheels have about 6 steel washers on the axles and then the wheels to get them to where they should be. So they have the wrong stand off on the hub, but what should be the right size and where would be a good place to start looking for a new set of frount wheels. Thank you for your help with my project. Joe
  4. steelsmith

    Suburban front rims

    Mike , Have you found the front rims you were looking for? I ask because I need to get a set for my Grand son's Suburban also. So I need to know the size and where I could get them and came across you post so wanted to ask if you had gotten the yet. Thanks Joe
  5. steelsmith

    400 Suburban fenders wanted

    I didn't mean to be this long in getting back to this request for help with a update, But time has gotten away from me. I got my finders and tool box from Victor English and I wanted to thank him for them, My Grandson has been having a ball driving His little red around the yard. His dad has a hard time getting his yard work done because he has to do shotgun. My thanks to Victor for the parts and to those of you that sent me messages about finders/tractors for sale. Thanks to all of you Joe
  6. steelsmith

    400 Suburban fenders wanted

    New member o the forum and I'am looking for a set of rear fenders with tool box for a 400 suburban. If you have a set that you no longer need/want please drop me a line at steelsmith101@sbcglobal.net Thank you Joe
  7. steelsmith

    Model 400 Suburban

    Thank all of you for your replays and some great looking photo's, AMC Rules from what I can see in your photo you have a One Nice looking 400. To say the 400 is lite in the front is a under statement, found out when I loaded it for the trip home. My grand son is not yet 3 years old but he does a good job of driving , will post a clip once I get aroundtoit. There yard is safe in 1st gear and at a slow walk( he does have fun) After getting a good look at the finders I don't think I want to try making a set of the round ones, could make a set of flat top finder/running board one pice set up like I did for My cub cadet 123 long frame. But I will post a wanted add here first . Thank s once again for the welcomes and the photo's Joe
  8. steelsmith

    Model 400 Suburban

    My first post and I'm asking for help , My wife and I picked up a model 400 suburban for our soon to be three year old Grandson. Now my wife wants me to get a set of rear fenders for it. Been looking for some time now with no luck. So that brings me to asking for some help, where would be a good place to start /try to get some funders? If I had a good photo of the finders I could go from there and make a set. I work in a small machine shop and the boss lets us use the equipment when things are slow, So I know that I can made finders if I had something to work from. When we got the 400 home it had a running 2 1/2 hp B&S that was smoking a little so I went ahead and replaced it with a new 3 hp Harbor Fright motor, then I made a new belt guard and a new trailer hitch so it could pull a little cart we had . This tractor is not going to be restored by me as it is something for the grandson and his farther to do someday( if they want ) right noe it is his yard toy to drive. I want to thank you for your help and time . Joe