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  1. Thought I would update this post for anyone in the future, I ordered the book on Aug. 29th and received it today Sept. 7th. The transaction seemed to go as expected. I have not read though it yet but look forward to it. Yes the book was expensive but not out of line for the quality of a USA printed book. I am a woodworker and the former editor of a woodworking magazine. started his own company " The Lost Art Press" publishing high quality woodworking books. . His newest book is ready to ship. Do a Google search for Deluxe Roubo On Furniture book and check out the price and see what you think.
  2. I use Johnson past wax on all my woodworking equipment cast iron tops, Works very well. Would it be better to use a automotive wax on equipment used outdoors?
  3. Thanks to everyone. Order has been placed. Look forward to reading it.
  4. Thanks everyone. Just the info I was looking for. I do have another question, Is the one available now on the web site a reprint or different final addition? Little confused because reading through the forum about how limited the final addition is and only 2100 was printed but all the forum post about the book is from 2013.
  5. I own a Wheel Horse 257-H with 17HP single cylinder Kawasaki FC540V that does not have a fuel filter. Is there any reason why I can not just cut the fuel line in two and add one? Where is the best place. Near the engine or in back by the fuel tank? Thanks for the help.
  6. Hello, Not new to Wheel Horse tractors but am new to the history. Found on line a book on the history of Wheel Horse " Straight From the Horse's Mouth The Wheel-Horse Story Final Edition " I am interested in purchasing the book but not familiar with the web site "wheelhorsestory dot com" Has anyone here purchased from wheelhorsestory and had everything go as expected?
  7. DJL50

    Hello from Cincinnati

    John Smiths place has a Goshen address but he was located out on 131 and 727 out near Stonelick lake. He closed 3 or 4 years ago. https://goo.gl/maps/ab9ULNBt7FU2 My Dad use to have an auto Body shop in Perintown back in the late 60,s early 70's Yes that what I thought. But the 257 will do what I need for now, Just going to use for a drag, lawn roller and cart for brush, mulch etc... Wanting to do some research on here on what to look out for on a used Wheel Horse. Would be nice to have a plow, disk, blade etc...
  8. DJL50

    Hello from Cincinnati

    Hello. Just signed up here. I own a Wheel Horse 257-H we purchased new from Smith Custom Service in Goshen Ohio in the late 1980's I used it to mow 2.5acre up until 2007. I purchased a Toro Zero turn and parked the Wheel Horse. Having a need for a small garden tractor I got the Wheel Horse out last week. Fired right up like new. I have a bunch a questions and will be joining in on the discussion group soon.